Online Song of Hera Full Moon Ritual

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I hope you can join me on February 26 at 6pm PT for my Online Song of Hera Full Moon Ritual! 🌝🦚🕯This is the second Full Moon of our Full Moon 2021 series and we’re working with our next goddess, Hera.

February’s full moon falls on the 27th in the sign of Virgo and Hera and Virgo pair perfectly. Hera, sometimes referred to as “The Queen of Heaven,” is the goddess of marriage, family, women, and childbirth. She’s a symbol of power and devotion and Virgo is the sign that understands how things work, making it good at creating and improving all kinds of things.

Virgo teaches self-accuracy; to see yourself with clarity, as you truly are. This accurate sense of self has nothing to do with right or wrong – it’s the self that simply is; pure and whole.

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