Online Song of Eos Full Moon Ritual

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I hope you can join me on March 28 at 6pm PT for my Online Song of Eos Full Moon Ritual 🌄✨

Eos is the Greek goddess of Dawn; she brings light to the world after the long night. Eos represents new beginnings, fresh starts, and renewed energy. She symbolizes possibility, inspiration, and the importance of transitions. Work with her to tap into new and refreshing energy and to open up to exciting possibilities.

The March Full Moon is in the zodiac sign Libra ♎️ Libra is all about relationships, illuminating people in our lives and how we feel about them. Libra is motivated by love, relationships, and beauty. This air sign is charming, sociable, and cooperative. Libras have an eye for symmetry and naturally bring balance to the world around them.

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