Online Samhain Blue Moon Ritual

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Are you ready for my COMBINED Online Blue Moon Ritual and Triple Goddess Samhain Event? 🖤 🕯✨

The Full Moon will be in the sign Taurus AND it's a Blue Moon! This rare moon reminds us to get back to what matters, to honor who we are, and to live in harmony with the planet and each other. On THE day of shadows, the Moon reminds us there is always light.

The turning of the Wheel toward Samhain is a turn toward darkness. In the Northern Hemisphere, the nights are growing longer, and time is catching up with us. Samhain is the ancient Celtic festival welcoming the dark half of the year, which was always celebrated at the end of October. It is a night of deep darkness when we revel in the mystery, with a more tangible connection with spirits on the other side. During this ritual, we will celebrate the crone and honor the Goddess Hecate. Hecate is the Greek goddess of the night, moon, crossing over, witchcraft, magic, and the unseen.

Find the tools we will be working with here:

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