Online Sagittarius New Moon Ritual – Initiate Wisdom

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Join my Online New Moon Ritual! 🌚 🌿 ♐️ December’s new moon in Sagittarius falls on the 14th and it’s also a solar eclipse. Sagittarius is a sign of freedom, adventure, confidence, higher learning, and seeking of truth and meaning.

This ritual is the final event of our New Moon 2020 ventures into sacred plant medicine! Our new moon theme for December is "I Initiate Wisdom" and we’re working with Olive Leaf, Resinoid Oakmoss, and Wolf as our teachers.

Associated with the sign Sagittarius, Olive Leaf brings positivity, generosity, and wisdom. With balancing, calming, and grounding properties, resinoid oakmoss keeps you anchored during spiritual work and helps to release fear and mistrust. Wolf spirit animal is a symbol of pure spirit, loyalty, guardianship, and mysticism. These three teachers will help you initiate wisdom through their unique gifts and vibrations.

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