Online Lammas Ritual, live with Athena

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Are you ready to reap what you've sown this year during the Lammas harvest? 🌞✨🌻

Join me on August 1 for my Online Lammas Ritual at 6pm PT! In Earth-based traditions, Lammas honors the first harvest of the season. At this time of year, the nights are beginning to lengthen, and we anticipate the return of fall. This is truly the beginning of shadow season. By celebrating Lammas as a harvest holiday, we honor our ancestors and the hard work they had to do in order to survive and secure our lineage. We also take time to reflect upon the seeds we planted in the first half of the year, giving thanks for what has pushed through the soil and bloomed.

This year, we’re working with the Fibonacci spiral and the sunflower to honor Lammas. In ritual together, we'll powerfully harness the energy of Lammas and call prosperity into all facets of our lives.

Find the tools we're working with here:


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