Online Candle Reading New Moon Ritual

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Join me on June 10 at 6pm PT for my Online Celtic Candle Reading New Moon Ritual 🌑✨🕯

For our new moon divination magic for June, we'll be practicing Celtic candle reading. Candle reading, also known as “carromancy” is the art of divining shapes formed by melted wax in water. Candle reading can help you receive messages around every area of your life and offer clarity.

June’s New Moon Solar Eclipse is in Gemini and falls on June 10. Solar eclipses signal new beginnings and unexpected opportunities. Gemini is the eternal youth who loves to learn and is great at finding and sharing information. This air sign likes variety and intellectual stimulation and usually loves to talk. Some of the best Geminian qualities are high intelligence, adaptability, cleverness, and sociability.

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