Not Everything Can Be Explained Simply

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Why reality cannot be explained simply.

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  1. I was literally arguing with a buddy of mine about this lol. Some minds can’t be satisfied with simple answers, most can. It’s a blessing and a curse…

    • I had same argument which was about why basic entry level religions can work for some ppl and why nothings wrong w that. But for some others it can never work because they realize a belief is not a reality, it’s a construction and that person has to keep looking deeper to reach a point of being satisfied or satiated.

  2. Or. “Not everything can be explained by the LINEAR mind ” becoz deeper stages of consciousness goes beyond the understanding of the linear mind. It has to be looked at through the holistic approach for deeper understanding.

  3. Self deception is SO infectious, that it infects the truly enlightened infinitely more than sleepers….and on a much deeper level. The key? Awareness of your own biases.

  4. It seems like you are breaking it down for most people. And it’ll still be hard to digest. Like you said it’s a fortunate accident!

  5. Very strong message towards the end: “there’s a reason why you get what you give from reality, that’s because you are reality”

  6. “If you understand something you can teach it to others simply”….Simple here stands for… uncomplicated language…it doesn’t mean quick explainations

  7. Why not make meditation as regular subject in school. Insteed of listening bs for 40 min, the kids to be thought to sit down and meditate for 40 min.

  8. I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception. Leo has full of advance knowledge that average people can’t see, feel and understand.

    • It’s not about advanced knowledge , I am sure there are people who did not read as many books or let’s say have access to psychedelic s , it’s just that leo is brutally honest , that is exactly what you need , you can also say he is truthful or that he has clarity , truth will eventually take you to God , truth is God

    • Now please don’t misunderstand , don’t go around giving out truth and pissing off peole , that is not what I am saying , you will lose friends

    • I’m at that level. I stoped explaining myself for people who aren’t interested in change their cosmovision and take a step forward in their ego development and worldview.

  9. “The answer to life, universe and everything is…42.” – Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.

  10. Leo, a video idea i think will bring many insights:

    Could you in your own words go into depths of needs? such as the need for sunshine, plans, love, water, music ect.

  11. Leo, a video idea i think will bring many insights:

    Could you in your own words go into depths of needs? such as the need for sunshine, plans, love, water, music ect.

  12. When wisdom surrenders to Love. That is the moment when all knowledge(Not conceptual) is obtained. In my opinion. Which is redundant to say. Because all is just an opinion. Or is it? I’m the only one here. So is it an opinion? Or is it absolute.

  13. “But Leo why can’t you just explain why things can’t be explained simply in a simple way. You must not know what your talking about or else you could.”🤣

  14. ‘And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’ (Friedrich Nietzsche )

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