NO MORE ZERO DAYS (This could change your life)

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"I just don't care about myself." If this is you, then this video is for you!
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"Rule #1: There are no more zero days. A zero day is when you don't do a single solitary thing towards whatever your dream or goal is in this life. You need to make a decision that there are no more zero days."

This video was inspired by r/ryans01's now legendary post on Reddit. Special thanks to him for giving us permission to create this motivational video to spread his amazing advice to anyone struggling with motivation and procrastination.

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Marcus “Elevation” Taylor

Marcus is a sought after Transformational and Motivational speaker, pastor, film maker, singer and musician. He is also the CEO and creative director of Unlock Elevation, a forward-thinking transformational ecosystem that educates and empowers people from all over the world to unlock their future. Marcus is a lyrical architect on a mission to help millions build a bridge from dreams to reality through the gift and power of language.

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  1. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

  2. 💖⭐🌹I love your channel….my channel is growing a little more everyday, I try to deliver the same type of motivation and guidance as you , I am so inspired by your amazing knowledge, thank you💛👏

  3. Remove self doubt from your head
    Its the way to go..
    Transformations comes from the inside of a person and not from the outside…

  4. Exactly! I couldn’t stress this enough, regardless of the knowledge, connections and right strategies if you are not taking care of yourself and nurturing your mindset, you won’t get far in life in terms of your expression of happiness, health and wealth

  5. Whoever is reading this, is gonna be successful! 🎉you have done your hard work, now your success is coming!!!🔥⚡👍

    • Whoever is reading this, is gonna be successful! 🎉you have done your hard work, now your success is coming!!!🔥⚡👍

  6. Every morning is a fresh start ☀️. Every day is the beginning of a new life ❤️. I wish you all a fantastic 2021 with health, happiness, success, but also with the resilience and strength that 2020 made us all develop 💪🏽🔥🎉.

  7. Take a chance! You never know unless you try.:)
    This morning, I had a plan. To Publix, then Dollar General. I was tempted to deviate because of problems. But the sun came up. Problems melted
    It can be the same for you.:)

  8. 7 Prayers for 2021 1. May your health improve. 2. May your family be loved. 3. May your friends be blessed. 4. May your paius be less. 5. May your finances multiply. 6. May your worries disappear. 7. May 2021 bring Healings. Blessings and Miracles. Amen

  9. This video makes me love humanity. All those who put in the time to spread this positive message to raise us all up. It is very refreshing.

  10. There is only now. If you want to start improving in the future, you set yourself up for failure

  11. Sometimes later becomes never. Do it now. It´s time to put in the work! 💪🏼

  12. Imagine giving your 100% for 365 days… Imagine where you can be…

    *Consistency is a game changer!*

  13. is there really still a person who does not know about the existence of FBC fund and their algorithm?

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