Nikola Tesla’s Involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment & Time Travel

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Evidently, the US military, together with some of the top scientific minds in the world, men like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, had been working on a new technology which would make their ships invisible, a sort of cloaking device from the pages of science fiction. All that remained was to check whether their calculations were correct, to test if, in fact, the technology would actually work. This test would become infamously known as the Philadelphia Experiment.
There in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard sat the USS Eldridge, a ship equipped with large generators and other strange equipment which confused unaware crew members. At a predetermined hour, the equipment was activated, the mighty generators fired up. Suddenly, a bluish-green fog began to surround the Eldridge, and in a flash of light, the ship was gone, disappearing into thin air.

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Narration: Petra Ortiz – http://petraortiz/

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  1. I would do anything to get a glimpse of how the future is gonna be fr.
    That’s why am obsessed with scific movies.

    • Yup, like some decades, centuries, or millenniums into the future

    • If you want to know how the future is going to be like read George Orwell’s 1984

    • Our future will either be an enslaved dystopia forever on earth, or a free and bountiful species traversing the vast universe. Only time will tell.

    • @David Finn imaging a Boot stumping on a human face for ever!

      The boot is the elite I guess & we’re the face.

  2. What if time travel is a portal to alternate realities? Alternate versions of myself, my family, my friends, humanity, animals, actions, choices, outcomes. So many pondering questions from the ethereal realm.

    • On occasion I think if another self, someone who made the opposite of the decisions I have thus far. I winder what kind of life he is living.

    • @Harri 74 Agreed very much. I believe there are multiple uses out there. Different races, sexes, heck maybe alien versions of ourselves. It is possible in the metaphysical realm

    • Ethereal Dreamer Art the question I have though is if I can dream them, sense them and see them what are these alternate realities trying to tell us or teach us..?

  3. ‘If you want to find the secrets to the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’
    -Nikola Tesla

  4. “My calculations are correct, When this baby hits 88mph, you’re going to see some serious sh*t!”

  5. I remember watching something about tornadoes, once reaching a certain velocity, they can “charge” anything they pick up along the way and make the debris transcendental in a way. Where the particles within wooden beams i.e. would be tossed into solid object such as steel bridges and would literally become imbedded, as if melted into the steel. Just as these people who got “stuck” in the ships fuselage.

    During the supercharging of the tornado, whatever debree is picked up and affected by the tornado, like wooden debris, apparently the atomic structure is altered where the beam is no longer fully of physical substance, but “in between worlds”, if that makes sense. When the beams eventually get tossed out like an arrow and hits something like a steel building or a steel bridge, it passes through, embeds itself into the steel, “cools off” its atomic structure and once again is 100% physical. Which makes it look like the steel was molded around the wooden beams.

    I think if you search for this you’ll see plenty of images of these things taken after tornadoes.

    • thats because nothing is solid every atom is 90% empty space and solidity is just an illusion. hence our physical world

    • I just searched and found a photo of a wooden chair with all four legs imbedded into a concrete wall. The chair was whole and undamaged. Now how in the world is that possible!? There must be truth to what you’re saying

    • @This is not just a phone It’s my phone hmmm….never actually thought about that! I always considered winds to be a very good allegorical term for soul, where the soul would acquire a body, while the only reason you would physically be able to see wind, or tornados, is due to its ability to “cloth” itself with debris/precipitation etc. Otherwise, you really can’t see a tornado.

  6. He had said one time that during one of his experiments he accidentally allowed a large surge of electricity to rush thru his body and he then saw some different “place” for a moment and thought he must have actually traveled thru time.. That was earlier in his experience long before Philly exp with Einstein.

    • Shock, “physical” or mental drives the mind into the mightiest Gamma (ch’i=8, infinity) brain wave state where you enter shock-hypnosis where time slows down to zero or in some case reverses.

  7. I don’t believe for a minute that abandoned this tech,they would have perfected the the tech in my mind,don’t you think

  8. Good stuff, thank you. From what I understand “conspiracy theorist “ was intentionally coined by the CIA after the Kennedy assassination. The terms used prior to that were “crackpot”, “looney tunes “, etc.

  9. Use a Lazer and a fiber optic cable wrapped around a conductor.

    Light siphon pump.

  10. he had at his home his “Theory of dynamic gravity” which he proclaimed many times that he was almost done with it.

  11. *”If You Only Knew The Magnificence of the 3, 6, 9, You Would Have A Key To The Universe”*
    *- Nikola Tesla*

  12. Man, Andrew Carlssin… They didn’t have any evidence, so they locked him up for years. Maybe had good plans with that 350 million for investment which would have positivity impact the course of history.

  13. To the 12 down thumbers, distance yourselves from the lience text books for once.

  14. Life After People shows how quickly the Earth takes back everything. Hell, with this quarantine we saw some of this with animals in some areas being seen that normally stay hidden bc too much human noise pollution and activity.

    Instead of Atlantis being the whole of a great people, that cldv been just 1 city of so many just like now. If something happened and humanity lost 90% of the population unexpectedly and quickly, the ones left to re-build would lose most of all the knowledge gained and just surviving would become the most important things.

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