Nikola Tesla Knew The Purpose of the Pyramids: Rediscovered Technology

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Our scholars of ancient history present a new theory concerning the Great Pyramid of Giza that you may not be familiar with. The greatest secret may not be in its construction, but as a powerful device which enabled the rebirth of Osiris as Horus. Its shape and location harbor mathematical constants, only recently discovered, that can be found throughout nature and across the universe. Such secrets may have been known to Nicola Tesla who sought to tap into the electromagnetic currents of the earth to bring limitless electrical power to the world. Combining ancient and modern knowledge, with the enduring tales of Enki and Enlil, we may see the extent of their power struggle with the death and rebirth of Enki, as Osiris/ Horus.

โœ“ Pyramid Power โ€“ Nicolai Tesla knew of the power of pyramids and their sacred forms, and made use of their geometry through geography to generate electricity.

โœ“ Music of the Spheres โ€“ Researchers point to a connection between the primal tones of the universe and the creation of form in the physical world.

โœ“ Death and Resurrection of Enki โ€“ Historians tell of the death of Enki (Osiris) and of the Great Pyramid built to access powerful universal forces for his resurrection as Horus.

โœ“ Hidden Geometry โ€“ Academics point to the secret geometry of the Great Pyramid to unlock the code of universal constants.

Featuring: Jack Cary, Billy Carson, Graham Hancock, Anton Parks, Robert Schoch, Andrew Collins, Robert Bauval

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  2. The ethereal realm is full of wonder. The pyramids contain so much insightful knowledge of this realm.

  3. This is one of the best education channels ever, and itโ€™s sad that itโ€™s also so underrated. Youtube demonizing everything cuz they donโ€™t want the truths known

  4. My grandfather literally knew Tesla personally. Tesla even came to visit him once in Croatia. 2km from where i live now. Yeah, i would lie if i said that i do not feel proud. It was not me who was Teslas friend, but it was the man 100% from my family, and that is so awesome to know.

    • Your grandfather knew a legend! I created my YouTube channel after learning about Tesla

    • Ignore the trolls, I think it’s awesome and I’d be proud of it if I were you! Tesla would be awe inspiring to have known! How cool your grandfather had him as a friend

    • @Satisfaction Therapy this is all interesting and have been studying this for multiple years now.

    • @Crack War Vet not so, Its me , I found out years ago whenas a kid kneeing by my bed saying prayers I had a blinding flash of insight and realised I was talking to myself .

  5. It was Tesla who invented the future. He did this by knowing the past and using the knowledge of the present. This is also known as being clever.

  6. When Tesla had sex he did it in strokes of 3, 6 or nine. I tried this with my wife. I normally finish at 8 so research is ongoing.

  7. At 5:03 the guy is wearing 2 watches. Now that is clever as he wanted to know what time it was in 2 places. That`s clever.

  8. WE can do soooo much BETTER TOGETHER sharing healthier LIFEstyle choices, ideas and DREAMS of cleaner tomorrows TOGETHER

    • So true my friend. I often say I will clean my kitchen. But then I say I will clean it tomorrow. This is how I relate to “cleaner tomorrows.” I have to go now. Bye.

  9. At 10.40 – a puzzling statement. Surely there are no official hieroglyphs in the great pyramid? – there is a rough inscription, possibly done by a workman, but no sacred texts. I don’t understand the reason for this gentleman’s statement regarding hieroglyphic writing – there is none.

  10. That ain’t a bag, it’s a pot a vessel filled with a certain liquid. It’s also depicted in Ancient Indian Sages diagrams

  11. I can’t believe the Egyptologists say it’s pure luck how it has all those perfect mathematics built into it they make themselves look stupid if anyone thinks it’s pure luck then God help you. I sometimes think the ancient people were far more intelligent than us today like we are actually devolving. They definatly had better stonework than us if we got wiped out there structures would still outlast ours that’s a fact.

    • Didn’t Thoth , in the Emerald Tablet, say we would forget all that we know(knew). We were much more in tune to actual reality then, closer to the Gods. We have forgotten, or been made to forget. We are also on the path to remembering โœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจ. ๐Ÿž

  12. The lie is always existing with the truth itโ€™s up to us and common sense to discern this however I do understand the program is strong and common sense isnโ€™t so common.
    We all know water finds and Maintains Level, would you agree ?
    The earth is what 70% water .
    Let that sink in and you will spot the lie.
    Free electric as the pyramids were power plants

  13. Why is it only a โ€œBrotherhoodโ€? Women werenโ€™t involved as sages and priestesses? I guarantee that they were.

  14. Could be that the Great pyramids were built first and all the others were people trying to copy๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿค”. ๐Ÿž

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