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Weekly astrology forecast for March 8th through March 14th, 2021

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  1. My birthday is on March 19th!! This buildup is amazing and I can’t wait to celebrate this new moon 🌚🌠🪐💫 So many changes this year ❤🙏

  2. You have no idea how my emotions changed for the better when i saw your video pop up on my screen
    Really needed to see a lovely and a friendly face right now

  3. I do not understand any of this but the only thing is for sure in this life : We are Doomed to any idiocy from the movements of our galaxy , anyway this girl is the reason I watch this , her accent I like it a lot sounds from Oregon , but may be from somewhere else, anyhow thanks

  4. I have Jupiter in 23 degrees of Pisces
    I know this new moon will activate something in my natal Jupiter which is in my first house (Placidus) but I’m not really sure about the effects
    I would like to know your opinion on this

  5. * Aries ♈️: 12:27
    * Taurus ♉️: 14:05
    * Gemini ♊️: 15:33
    * Cancer ♋️: 17:04
    * Leo ♌️: 19:03
    * Virgo ♍️: 20:41
    * Libra ♎️: 22:08
    * Scorpio ♏️: 24:08
    * Sagittarius ♐️: 26:20
    * Capricorn ♑️: 27:51
    * Aquarius ♒️: 29:49
    * Pisces ♓️: 31:07

  6. Heather! The ones that matter will listen to EVERYTHING you have to say!

    • Yes, we love listening to everything!!! I personally love seeing you get excited over what you create. That is inspiring energy you share with all of us.

  7. Aries ♈️ 12:30
    Taurus ♉️ 14:05
    Gemini ♊️ 15:35
    Cancer ♋️ 17:05
    Leo ♌️ 19:05
    Virgo ♍️ 20:40
    Libra ♎️ 22:10
    Scorpio ♏️ 24:08
    Sagittarius ♐️ 26:20
    Capricorn ♑️ 27:50
    Aquarius ♒️ 29:50
    Pisces ♓️ 31:05
    Forecast for next week 33:10

  8. Beautiful ! Thank you dearest Heather 💓 😘 is conjunct my Asc

  9. Thank you as always! I was just peacefully minding my own business this morning and started getting hit with visions 😂 I hadn’t even started writing my own intentions yet, but with this happening, I’m going to let the clarity continue to come in and just set intentions around them.

    I was already looking forward to this moon, but it really, seriously is ✨ *MAGICAL* ✨☺️

  10. This Libra rising has never heard a more helpful interpretation of the 6th house in Pisces. Your nugget is worth 20 years of seeking! Yes, flow!

  11. I’m excited for this week as my birthday is on the New Moon and I have a stellium in ♓️ (Jupiter, Mercury, Chiron, Sun)! 🙂

    Thanks Heather!!

  12. I am so happy to hear about the launch of your astrology course! Thank you for all of this knowledge and information that you take the time to share. Btw, you are glowing!!! Xoxoxo

    • That’s because I’m giving birth to a 32 week astrology course hahahaha

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