NASA Contractor Claims There’s An ET Presence On Earth

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Rob Bigelow has been a NASA contractor for over 17 years. Does he have real knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrials? Learn more here –

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  1. The mainstream media has been pushing the ET narrative more and more fiercely since last year, which is always a sign for us to be more wary about the stories that are being told to us as the timing for these disclosures seems to be at one of the most important critical juncture points for humanity.

    • And that is why it’s happening. Because the point has called it forward not because of some extreme and extra cover-up.

  2. It seems like a bunch of folks have known this stuff for decades.. and all the sudden there’s competition between different groups to get their own narrative spread out first as the accepted truth

    • They look just like us too some of them and have been in our society for many years.

  3. See me and my brother were just talking about this last night I can sense this stuff I know I wasn’t tripping 😭 I know My senses were right I even had dreams about this stuff this could also be why no one is allowed inside of Area 51 or even at the gate with any video going on even if it’s just a mini camera that they can’t see they’ll ask you to shut it off including your phone

  4. Only human beings would be arrogant enough to think they are the only intelligent life in the Universe. By pure math alone and the number of stars, if it was 10,000 I would say there is a remote chance but we are talking about a number here that wouldn’t fit on this page.

  5. There are aliens living among us for decades.. they don’t have weird green heads, try to accept this and move on to the next!.

  6. There has been for a long time. I think over the next 6 years they could be making themselves publicly known so our planet can be integrated into the wider galactic community.

  7. there are actually human beings who heal with lightcodes from “aliens”. I mean humans are aliens too, guess what we all live in a freakn universe where we have no idea how big it is

  8. What has been here for years aren’t ET’s they’re Inner beings. I’m sure y’all are familiar with the Inner world. That’s the ET like presence that has been on earth.


  10. Nothing new to me.
    I’ve known this for years.
    And there are Extraterrestrials that look just like us blended in to our society.

  11. This remind me of the Phineas and Ferb episode where hotels and bars was on the moon

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