Napoleon Hill’s Greatest Secret – The Power of Your Imagination! Think and Grow Rich Michael Sandler

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Did you know you were taught not to dream, because dreaming would set you free?

The challenge is, we’ve forgotten how to dream, but it’s the cornerstone to Think and Grow Rich, and the cornerstone to your freedom, happiness, and success.

In this astounding talk by Michael Sandler, you’ll learn the greatest secrets from manifestation masters such as Napoleon Hill and Neville Goddard on how to begin to dream again–and how to turn those dreams into reality.

You’ll learn why dreaming is a super-power of manifestation, and specific techniques to tap into it.

You’ll discover:
What’s synthetic imagination
What’s creative imagination
How to attune your creativity to the frequency of the universe
How to pull ideas out of the “ethos” of the universe
How to unlock the doors to whatever future you desire

With bigger questions, you get bigger and better answers–and with this show, you’ll learn how!

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  1. Michael, so much of what you say resonates with the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Have you ever had him as a guest? Possible? Would be fantastic.

  2. As a minimalist I have enough resources and money to semi retire My imagination wants me to be a coupon queen to help charities in my town I used to have access to many coupon resources Pandemic hit and this all went south.I can do this again AWE and the universe will guide me. I would like to get coupons from every state.This will come it is already out there.

  3. I believe you can also tap into those still here…time is a ver funny thing, indeed.

  4. Thank you right now I’m dreaming about my beautiful house and I know I’m going to have is this year. The universe is giving it to me.🌈🙏

  5. Go ‘head, Michael & Jessica! The show intro and production is EVERYTHING! Deserves a huge, “WooHooooooo!” I’m so hype 😃

  6. What if my mind is a receiver?? Choose the right station to tune into. Love this!!

  7. I love you so much!! It feels like this whole show is recorded for me. Because every day exactly where I am at, that is the theme of your show. I am guided constantly to your shows. You are the greatest inspiration! Thank you again! I love you!!!!!!!

  8. The bamboo forest story would be better if the princess saved herself. It’s time we start doing things for ourselves and not wait for someone else to “save” us. Maybe some trauma around Disney? 😆

  9. I’m resonating with your work/fun here and I’ll keep watching and start leaning my journey. Thanks guys!!!

  10. Tears welled in my eyes and I was smiling so big while in my imagined future!! Wow wow wow. I KNOW now that it already exists.
    Started reading your new book today as well. Thank you Michael and Jessica. You two are a wonderful team. Cannot thank you enough. ❤🤗😘

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