Mysterious Underwater Cities Discovered All Around the World: Ancient Civilizations

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Over 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, nearly all of it ocean. And yet, only 5% of the world's oceans have been explored by human beings, the remaining 95% still a dark and uncharted frontier. What secrets might lie within this unexplored expanse? What could be down there, just waiting to be found?
Numerous ancient civilizations have provided us with at least one answer. Across eras and cultures separated by thousands of miles, there are stories of once-great cities suddenly sinking to the bottom of the ocean, lost forever.
For many years, these stories were regarded as little more than a myth. Until, in modern times, archaeologists began to discover ancient ruins submerged beneath the ocean all over the world, and the question started to get asked: could these ruins be evidence of the advanced prehistoric super cities spoken about by the ancients?
Or, maybe they are evidence of something more, something out of this world.

Narration: Petra Ortiz –

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    • 70% covered with water and water is always flat and finding its own level. So how earth is a sphere is beyond any reason. also submarine and ship sonar operators do not account for curvature, they assume the earth is flat…..I will be posting a video about this soon, maybe today…. Did you know that Earth in older days spinned in the opposite direction….according to Hopi elders and shamans from Africa? One thing is for sure our Sun is no longer shining yellow like 30 years ago. If u look closer its whiteish and slowly to light blue

    • The luciferian dark demonic forces have been farming humans for ages. They’ve been destroying past civilization when they grow too powerful.

  1. YAY! I’ve been waiting on this video! I knew when I heard about a recent reddit article talking this very subject!!

  2. The ancient sunken cities of old , for the most part, were not flooded with water but rather the earth sank during catastrophic shifts. Civilization has come and gone several times on this earth. It will happen again

    • Could be a combination of both. Meteors have been discovered that hit N. America, Greenland and Europe about 11K years ago causing ice sheets to rapidly melt. This could’ve caused massive worldwide floods, plate shifts, earth subsidence and uplifting of plates due to the shifting of ice

    • 3 civs before to be exact, we are the fourth and we are going down too because of wickedness as late ones did in the big flood

    • No they were murdered deliberately by demonic archons who feed off our loosh. Atlantis was the last one taken out by their ppl on the moon. This whole planet is a farm and they want us trapped here. Time to break free.

  3. Countless have come and gone for lack if spuritual maturity to sutain advanced technology.
    Most dissapear as the tectonic plates move, sink, get submerged as new lands come up!

  4. Some of our oldest history of civilization is under water predates Noah before the flood maybe this is the corruption of the nephillam. And the watchers were upon earth was destroyed by flood and puts this 17,000. 20,000 bce !!!!!!!

  5. The flood of Noah was claimed to be 10,000 to 11,000 bce. Who knows maybe these ruins are 17,000 to 20,000 yrs bce !!!!!

  6. They are putting covers over these ancient sites. Lalibela churches, Gobekli Tepe. They aren’t protecting them from the “elements”. Used to be able to see them on Google Earth. Which ones will be next? The Sphynx?

  7. why does it always need to sink, its the level of where we use to live on before the water came out of middle earth.

  8. That seems to be the ‘main stream’s paradigm, to discount any archaeological finds that point towards ancient advanced civilizations as found in S. America, India, China, underwater cities, polygonal masonry, etc. Mankind in itself maybe at one time was gifted with many more powers like telekenesis, telepathy, remote viewing, etc. The powers that be do not want people to become powerful again and united, because how would they be able to control the world again?

  9. I would like everybody to take a minute out if you are curious I want you to look 73 miles exactly off the coast of Cape Hatteras North Carolina South Southeast if you go to South Southeast at 73 to 76 miles there are ruins right there by the sand bars as it starts to drop off the shelf it goes all the way down to Bimini. Atlantis was where the entire continent of North America down in two parts of the Caribbean island chain remember after the great flood the stories of Atlantis was the entire Atlantic Ocean was nothing but mudflat. No ships can travel through this side of the continental shelf they had to go all the way around through the west and come up through Mexico if you remember correctly in history which means that Atlanta’s pretty much covered the entire Atlantic shelf before it broke off and sunk into the bottom of the ocean. It kind of makes sense it’s like what’s happening with the California now between them tunneling all up and down through California and it being on a continental drift plate part of the continent is literally floating right now and when it does finally break off at the San Andreas shelf it’s going to sink into the ocean and either flowed out and drop to the bottom or it will sink out and drop below sea level only to be built back up over time is it in fact is not too deep in that region bought according to studies Catalina Island has the UFO entry base in the submarine entry based facility underneath and anybody that’s going out there with the boat and submersibles is immediately been ran off by our military like within a matter of 30 45 minutes the military comes and runs them off why are they running them off from over there why don’t they want them looking at that are exploiting that region because they know what’s true we’re surrounded our government has been in control of us through another higher source put it that way and they don’t have our best interest in mind but just remember if they breathe oxygen they bleed and if they bleed they can die

  10. Great work loving your channel and information! Been watching for a long time keep the awaking going!

  11. Great work. Greetings from Mexico, feel free to send me more information about the Mexican pyramids you mention.

  12. One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

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