My Mindvalley Health and Fitness Transformation

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Join Mindvalley host Jason Marc Campbell as he shares ideas from powerful quests. In this weeks video, Jason will talk about fundamental ideas that help you make your transformation stick.

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  1. Why is he shining like a glass??? Even young children don’t shine like that

    • From Jason: ha! Well, I have Scottish roots and I’m quite pale. And that makes you more shiny on camera 😬

  2. Aloha Braddah! In my prayer 2nite i specifically askd our Heavenly Father if He could lead me 2t/best knowledge 2 get my fam & i 2tranzform our bodiez& spiritz4life! Wen done i heard a bell& instantly knew He’d answerd as i watch’d u dliver ur wordz from t/❤! Im blessd& super pumpd!!! Ty so very much 4takn t/ tyme 2share ur story Braddah! Aloha🤟

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