Multisensory Therapy for Chronic Disease & Mental Challenges

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Beyond the ghosts of memory, infinite possibilities for healing.

A Conversation with Deepak Chopra and Srini Pillay, M.D.

Dr. Srini Pillay graduated as the top overall medical student in South Africa and the top award-winning resident in Psychiatry at Harvard. He is a former Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Outpatient Anxiety Disorders Program at Harvard Medical School’s Mclean Hospital. He is also a former brain-imaging researcher at Harvard (17 years), a certified master executive coach and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group®, voted one of the top 20 movers and shakers in leadership development in the world by Training Industry. Dr. Pillay has been a pioneer in the field of transformational neurocoaching®, which provides business leaders with a deep psychological understanding relevant to their personal and professional lives with practical tips, tools and techniques to enhance leadership development using mindset strategies to decrease stress and anxiety, enhance creativity and agility, facilitate change, and optimize mindsets at times of disruption and transformation.

Dr. Srini's latest book is called "Tinker Dabble Doodle Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind" –

Visit his website for more information-

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  1. Ojalá y hubiera traductor, trato de entender ,Depaak siempre nos aporta una basta información para el despertar de la nueva humanidad.
    Gracias Gracias Gracias por EXISTIR,SER y ESTAR 🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🤩😍💖💜💚💫💫abrazos de Luz y Amor 🙋🏻‍♀️🙏🏻💞💙💛🤍❤🇲🇽💫🌞🌺desde Puebla,México 🌷🍀👍

  2. I wish I would have you two as a personal doctors haha
    Abrakadabra (this is a word that my friend in Morroco and I (we’re both mothers of 4!) use when nothing seem to work.
    Phenomenal talk! Thank you so much!Love to you and your beloved ones,love from beloved Master Fakira out of India!

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