MOTIVATIONHUB – BEST OF 2020 | Best Motivational Videos – Speeches Compilation 1 Hour Long

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MOTIVATIONHUB'S BEST OF 2020! This is a 1 hour long compilation of our Best Motivational Videos from the year!
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Arnold Schwarzenggar

Rachel Hollis

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Chris Hadfield

Eric Thomas

Brian Greene


Jon Fisher

Torian Salary:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Ben Pakulski

Stephen A. Smith

Grant Cardone


Dan Pena

Teeka Tiwari

Jeremy Anderson


Walter Bond


Logan "Y.B.Normal?" Taylor

Pete Cohen

Billy Alsbrooks

Coach Pain:


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Whitesand – Story of the wind

Epidemic Sound

Position Music – Reborn

Really Slow Motion
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Paul Elhart


0:00 Best of 2020 Introduction

2:00 Arnold Schwarzenegger Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS

5:54 Eric Thomas Motivation – MotivationHub

9:09 WAKE UP – MotivationHub

12:07 Chris Hadfield SPEECHLESS

15:30 Neil deGrasse Tyson SPEECHLESS

22:14 Mindset of High Achievers 2

25:20 Chase Your Dreams

30:40 Rachel Hollis SPEECHLESS

34:44 Sadhguru SPEECHLESS

39:45 Brian Greene SPEECHLESS

43:19 Wealthy Mindset

44:50 Whatever It Takes

49:52 Cut The Excuses – Logan Taylor

53:54 Don't Get Comfortable – Pete Cohen

56:20 Hard Work Beats Talent – Billy Alsbrooks

1:00:56 It's Time To Show Up! – Coach Pain

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A Key To The Universe

From Zero To $75K/Month

See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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  1. Whoever is reading this, is gonna be successful! 🎉God has seen your hard work, now your success is coming!!!🔥⚡👍

    • Whoever is reading this, is gonna be successful! 🎉God has seen your hard work, now your success is coming!!!🔥⚡👍

  2. Thanks For All Motivation speeches is always Inspiring ❤️❤️👍👍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. *The only one who can make you successful*

    IS YOU..Happy Holidays everyone ❤️🙌

  4. If any of the recent years needs some good motivation to move on, is 2020

  5. BREAKING NEWS Whoever reading this, Just know that God is about to drop you a Miracle that willl cancel your worries in life. Amen.💕

  6. Don’t listen to negative people, you can make your dreams come true, believe in you because you have all you need!!!!

  7. Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things will always work out.👋👋👋🔥🔥Every morning, you have a new opportunity to become a happier version of yourself.

    • I am Greatful for 2 ears to listen, and an open mind to disern and learn. In Jesus name, Amen.

  8. The real motivation lies within you ; rise from the ashes ! You can change the world by being ur self , so be the best version of ur self 🤗

    • Pain makes everyone mature but depending on how you use that pain is how you effect the world instead of being down gotta use all the negative things people say make that motivation its how ive learned haters turn to fans when they realise that person they used to pick on because he wasnt “mature” was just being his self my idea of helping the new gen is showing then ideas how to cope, i want teen death to go down ive seen 6 of my closet friends commit suicide because haters i just want the world to know everyone has a dream just don’t be scared to achieve and don’t down someone else for something they believe in

  9. Stop trying to summarize yourself off of the moments as they pass, nobody cares about your summation. We are not a summary. Nobody counts everything. The more you lie to yourself the faster you lose touch with reality. That thing we identify by or our “identity” is a lie. We are not our win to loss ratio, we are not our names, we are not our personalities, we are not our brains or brain function or malfunction. We are not our marital status, we are not our occupation, we are not what we do or what we don’t do, we are not how we do it, or why. We have those things. We had a complete identity the second the sperm fertilized the egg; however, for the first 12 days upon conception we didn’t have a heartbeat, let alone any of the things that we lie to ourselves about what we are. There is no you. We are all each other having a multiple universal experience. Stop chasing your identity in this thing called life. Life and life, two different meanings, same word. We are not a list of things that we do, we are the energy behind the function. Like the electricity that runs the toaster, the lightbulb, the television, and the radio, we fixate on the wrong thing. We are the juice behind the function. Right answers don’t exist, because there is always room for improvement, and being proven wrong should be celebrated because it brings us to a new level of understanding. If you chopped off your right arm you would no longer have a left because it needs an opposite. It would be left in relation to what? Just like success and failure, if you have all success and no failure you would be a white person, I mean you would have no reason to try hard. If you stack the deck so thoroughly in your favor and you can just hit home run after home run with your eyes closed you would be a freak show and you would ruin the game. We need the struggle to keep us fit for the game of life. My dear dear white people, wtf were you guys thinking? It couldn’t have been much.

  10. This is the last time I will be addressing you all in this fashion. Furthermore, I have a lot of memories of this place which shall remain with me till my dying day.

  11. The first rule of success is to have a vision….
    Second is to work hard and third is don’t listen to nay sayers…

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