Most People Will Never See It – Vishen Lakhiani On The Spiritual World

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Vishen Lakhiani's eye-opening and powerful Motiversity Interview on the Spiritual World.
Special thanks to Vishen and Mindvalley

"Gratitude is the key to happiness. When gratitude is practiced regularly and from the heart, it leads to a richer, fuller and more complete life.
– Vishen Lakhiani

Speaker: Vishen Lakhiani
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  1. I’ve slipped into something deep in my being when I was young and saw a vision. It wasn’t till I was older that I learned what this vision was. It was a translucent vision of the taurus! I don’t know the reason to why yet . But I did have this vision and I know that the taurus is a deep part of what we all are

  2. I awaken in my dream and saw myself in the mirror, and told myself im dreaming. Usually if i dream about seeing myself im either naked or my teeth are falling out. I believe in dreams. Some of mine come true but its always something small. Never anything significant

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  4. Make the reality you want be blessed by you instead of you being blessed by it. In other words how can you become the person that enriches the reality you want, so it needs you rather than you needing it.

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  5. Tell us the main ideas/thoughts, that we have to have in order to be able to forgive? (i know them because i figgered it out – but i miss to hear them from all the people who preach forgivness – means, they only say, that we have to forgive to feel free, but they do not say, what we necessariliy have to KNOW, in order to be able to do it) I am very fat up by teachers, who only teach the half

  6. ‘Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.’

    Oscar Wilde

  7. Did the dude in the sky really say what men said he said? And just because the dude in the sky hated something or something we do…doesn’t mean he hates us. That’s like saying if someone hates broccoli, grapefruit, and shrimp…they hate food.

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