More Ancient Stories For a Higher Consciousness

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May this collection of ancient wisdom teachings serve and support you in your journey to a higher consciousness!

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  1. I love the stories/ parables and your channel in general 👍❤️

  2. It’s almost like the oppression evolves around our state of consciousness, almost like ccp take advantage of Tao.

  3. The oil is a metaphor for the sacred secretion, that is, semen. If you are spilling your oil you become distracted by the world and lose sight of your purpose.

  4. Ello from the UK Birmingham and thank you for the uploads.

    IHS brings blessings to you and all your crew. IHS is the best. IHS return from eternal rest. IHS no more posse test. Must confess to IHS who advised biblical wise, to brake & reject the effects of darkness.


  5. First they came for the writers and I did not speak up,
    Then they came for the poets and I did not speak up,
    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak up.

    When they knock down my door and pulled me outside,
    I was going to run but they put me inside…,
    in the middle of barbed wire.
    I don’t know from where unknown people came,
    The strangers held a weapon and took invaders in cross fire.

    Since that time forever and ever, and to the end of the world,
    With my all heart I was to them enemy sworn,
    Looking at them, they were like creeping maggot or worm.
    Thanks to unforeseen occurrence I felt like invincible warlord.

    No humanity or spark of life left in riddled with bullets invaders,
    My soul has been brought back to life by unexpected strangers.
    Life is not over or not finished yet,
    Time to be loud, with well thought out ideas, like starting plane jet.

    Poem by me.
    The first three lines might sound for you very familiar to another poem.
    That was not intended goal.
    Excuse me typos and grammar mistakes.
    I am not native English speaker.
    I have used rhymes:
    AABB ABBA ABAB to make it a bit more interesting.
    I hope you enjoy it.

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  6. if u want to find god be prepared to die …’ if you die before u die , you wont die when u die ‘ may have been the hermits point

  7. The first story literally happened with my grandfather. He was a wise and simple man.

  8. for me. I grew up christian and i tried to be good. but that wasn’t organic goodness. for me I find it better to be as I am. to be angry, hurt, what ever. to lash out. and as i allow myself to be with myself, i am able to gain greater insite and move through the pain, than I ever was, trying to surpress my internal emotions and truamas. no one can tell me no. it is truly ok to be as i am. i do not strive to be perfect, i strive to be with myself as myself. and doing such. for me. leads to healing, and allowing in light. the space or making room for light. as i heal and release.

  9. unsure if i said this. but i felt extremely betrayed years ago on your failed promise on spirit science. i relied on your videos for support and you let me down. i really needed you. i may have told you before. but i still feel the sting. so i wanna let it out.

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