Monoliths Appearing All Around the World: Alien Contact or Something Else?

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Since the first appearance of the monolith of Utah, monoliths have appeared all over the word – one outside of a German castle, another inside the ruins of an ancient church in Spain; one at the bottom of a decommissioned dam in Pinawa, Manitoba, another on the beach in The Bahamas. A monolith discovered in Adelaide, Australia had the coordinates to three locations written on it – Brooklyn, New York, an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean, and mysteriously the Sphinx in Egypt. Meanwhile, a metallic monolith found in Bolivia was engraved with numerous different languages, including Mandarin, Russian, Hebrew, and Arabic. Yes, monoliths have appeared in places as distant and disparate as Poland and Panama, Italy and Iran, Norway and New Zealand. In fact, to date, these ominous metallic monoliths have appeared in hundreds of places all over the world.
But who put them there? Perhaps more importantly, what do they do, and what do they mean?

Narration: Petra Ortiz –

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  1. The first 1000 people to use the link in my description will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:
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  2. The monoliths have rivets and the YouTube Channel “I did a thing” already posted videos documenting how they made and placed the monoliths.

    • @Troy White the original one ( I think you can find pictures or videos of somewhere online) it has this weird type of drawing on them on the 4 sides.
      Not to mention it could not be dug out. And the weight is unknown.(ofc)

      And as for crop circles it is a geometric language. Involving the fibonacci sequence. And the multiverseal language. We consider as math.(it is symmetrically perfect with untouched fields)
      No human or man machine can do this as of now known to most people.
      Also the connection of these makes the flower of life as well.
      One specific crop circle is the flower of life itself.

    • This incident reminds me of the two men armed with wooden planks & ropes taking credit for the crop circles popping up in England a couple decades or so ago. And people said, “case closed!”. Not really — it’s not as simple as that.

      All I’m saying is let’s slow down & cover all the bases before we proclaim this issue as solved.

    • Yeah 6000 miles away in Romania the same day someone did the same thing lmaooo ok

    • Could be a diversion monolith to distract from other real monoliths around the world. Discredit with a fake to confuse people.

    • someone said aliens also use rivets. I was trying to picture an alien holding a hammer and striking a rivet and it’s the best meme ever. They have 3 fingers and stick like hands.

  3. I’m almost certain the ones on earth have been claimed by a group of artists charging a fortune…

  4. its a distraction and a way to mock us by implying we are primitive like the apes in space odyssey.

    • @NightshadeCX5 And maybe the grammar police should set better examples and stop terminating sentences like —> “wouldn’t think we were primitive…”

    • It’s literally just metal screwed together LOL if people actually think this is from aliens or whatever

    • @Divad Ignawm It wasn’t terminated, it was deliberately leaving out a word.

    • @You already Know I thought the monolith was a solid block of silver, or niobium or Titanium. LOL. That way it’d be much better, so that we can be perplexed by someone able to pull up such a prank.

    • @Divad Ignawm not a block, but there is holes and u can see inside bc it is hollow. Someone just put it there so everyone can freak out about it. Go look up the video

  5. Chimps turning into humans is just laughable and those monoliths had rivets or screws in the panels, hardly off-world technology.

    • What gives you the idea Aliens don’t use screws or rivets? And there is evidence some intervention took place that modified the primate DNA – and it certainly wasn’t evolution!

    • @pentirah5 LOL the fact y’all think it’s alien or smt is just sad. Wake up

    • Man, the rivet joke is funny. I can’t imagine an alien holding a hammer and striking it against an anvil. And the way they’re depicted with three fingers and ultra thin arms with weak muscles. Pwaaahahahaha. I’m dead.

      Even a screw driver is still funny ’cause…

    • @You already Know
      Your opinion – you are entitled to hold it. I believe what suits me – and I am well awake and VERY happy! (see Matthew 7:5)

    • @Divad Ignawm
      Just because aliens are depicted with skinny arms and three fingers, it isn’t necessarily so! – Just a popular image. All the same, I see your joke! 🤣

  6. The people that found the first monolith are more mysterious than the monolith itself.

  7. Recently local news here in Finland reported that a monolith mysteriously appeared, and then disappeared in a village here. The fact that the mainstream media is openly covering this phenomenon suggest that it may very well be a psyop to prepare us for a fake alien invasion, trough which the global government will be installed. They’re pushing the narrative that “aliens are real and it’s just a matter of time when they visit us” has been very evident recently. And they’re not your friends.

    • Thanks for the news from Finland. We don’t get news from other news stations. America is in the blind because we only see what they show us.

    • It’s a YouTuber promotion a netflix series…. Jfc I remember why I stopped talking to conspiracy theorist I just tell people I don’t believe what the government says made life way simpler

  8. As soon as they said it was was ingrained with languages, I determined it was a prank…

  9. We are the aliens on this planet. Put here by the star people from Orion’s Belt.

  10. The “monolith” shown is a representation of the one “supposedly” found, correct ?

  11. My best guess: alien devices, possibly used to transmit information to … someone.

  12. There are many more out there that we have not discovered! This one was accidentally found! I know this will sound very weird to you guys but I have a friend that I meet up with when I dream and sometimes even when I meditate and I’ve been told a whole lot about these monoliths and their origins. I get told things I shouldn’t be told probably and I get messages from beings who claim to be from other places beyond human comprehension. I’d really like to share these things but don’t feel I have much of an audience.

  13. These monoliths were clearly proven to be man made. I’ve entertained stuff on this channel that I felt may have been misinformed in the past. When YouTube demonetized you I tweeted at them like you asked. But this is so poorly informed I’m starting to become suspicious that it’s being done deliberately… .Unsubscribing.

  14. All the “information” that we absorb is really just speculation that’s meant to stimulate the imagination, not the mind. That’s the ABSOLUTE best that CNN has been doing.

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