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  1. Money is not real. It is the desire to have it. I don’t need money. I only desire what Is needed for me to live a pure and peaceful life. Joy, happiness, good health and love. “Priceless!” God bless the ones that have. To me that means you have love of God, happiness, joy etc.

  2. Damn Truth! I’ve always thought that. Preach it! When you have the right vibration it all comes to you. ❤. DIVINE POWERS ARE ALWAYS WORKING FOR US BECAUSE WE DO RIGHT 😇🔥🦅🙏🏾🙏🏾💫💫💯💯 I Love when you say where do they do that at? Huh!! Lol got me saying that too. Keep doing your thing Tren!!! Proud of you!

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  4. Tren, I respectfully disagree. As for me, money is all that because it buys me freedom, freedom to do whatever the heck I feel like doing and that is if I’m in the mood to do it. It gives me power to buy the things I want, help my mother out, invest it and support charitable causes. If I’m gonna be miserable, I’d rather be miserable with the money than to be miserable without it.

    • Your mind is your freedom, not materialistic things… everything else comes after, money is just a cherry on top of the spirit inside of you as you manifest and connect with the universe

    • The more you think of money as nothing, you’ll get more of it. It’s nothing, you always get money, it’s nothing. It ain’t shyt

  5. I hear you bro i just refer to it as abundance now, the word money does not come out my mouth anymore lol its like a swear word to me lol

    • Yea that’s fine. Just don’t keep it on your mind all day like some people. That repels it

  6. Thank you for saying that!!!!!!!! Money can be sinful !!!!!!! You need money but don’t die for it ……. God is the way….. amen

  7. I was thinkin the same thang 😎 my brother. Thx 🙏better to chase other things like health or a good place to live or food u need or girlfriend and love ❤️ or peace of mind but anything except money my friend

  8. I totally get it, people lose their focus on what’s really important. I know, because not to put my business out there, but I was getting so focused on wanting to get more money that I was staying frustrated and angry with my husband and losing focus on my sweet children and the little moments. I need money for bills yes and I’d love to have it for nice things for my children and self, BUT that’s no longer going to take me over.

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