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In this extended, five month astrology forecast, Heather gives a reading for the energy of Jupiter in Aquarius lasting from July 28th through December 28th, 2021!

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  1. Only today, I’m guessing you have some prominent gemini or 3rd house energy😄 Your hands❤️😄

    • Mercury opposing Mars in my chart…. my hands (Mercury) are very active (Mars) when I talk (also Mercury) haha 😆

  2. You are absolutely the most charming astrologer out there. My friend Susan Miller is now doing astrology talks on TCM but you deserve a media forum just as large. Thanks for your cheeriness and love, what you do is appreciated.

    • Awe thank you so much! And good for Susan that’s an incredible accomplishment!!! 🙌🏼

  3. I like the new look for the set. I think you should move the microphone closer to you because it would both ‘warm-up’ your voice and reduce the echo that is now distorting the subtle aspects of your voice.

    • Thank you! And yes this new boom mic was a mess, using different equipment next week for sure! ❤️

  4. My son, who is a virgo rising, just moved into a new house with his wife, and they will be taking on two huskies that belonged to her brother (who had to give them up when he moved). So, yeah, family pets coming back, indeed! Just fabulous Heather. Thank you for this great, great reading every week. I never miss it!

    • Oh wow! I love when people actually have literal experiences with the examples I give… so cool to hear about in a general reading like this one! Thank you for sharing ❤️

  5. The new studio looks fabulous and so is your dress!! 🙂 Yay!!!

  6. Money to move you say? 👀 id be happy with an extra $200 🤣 Capricorn rising, Virgo sun, and Scorpio moon.

  7. I have Aquarius in Jupiter! Lol I woke up hearing “Age of Aquarius” this morning too 🤣

  8. The new set up is a perfect match to your energy, Heather! Kudos!

  9. The new background is beautiful! ❤️ I am Virgo rising i got call from people who wanted to hire me in January..
    Ohh well this is also true for me as an aries moon i am connecting very well with people as i am moving to Dubai soon

  10. 06:30 General forecast
    14:30 ♈ Aries
    16:06 ♉ Taurus
    17:44 ♊ Gemini
    20:01 ♋ Cancer
    22:14 ♌ Leo
    24:23 ♍ Virgo
    26:37 ♎ Libra
    28:24 ♏ Scorpio
    30:16 ♐ Sagittarius
    32:12 ♑ Capricorn
    34:24 ♒ Aquarius
    36:02 ♓ Pisces
    38:21 Next week’s forecast

  11. I love the visuals of your channel, that background is like we’re traveling through space. Thanks for the forecast, I always learn a lot!

  12. As soon as i move in a month ill be getting a cat back from my ex. This is all i think about. I have one kitty but the one ill get back is her brother and we cant wait to have him.

  13. Leo sun , Aries moon , Virgo rising, I’ve been alone for 5 years , I had the man of my dreams , unfortunately he had to go before me . I’m feeling like an impossible second chance is coming for me, just met a Virgo sun Aquarius moon , I think it’s going to be a super fun ride with a kindred spirit , I’m almost too happy.

  14. Wow, you hit the nail on the head for this Virgo rising: I’ve been playing with supplements to deal with migraines and think I’m at a great place with it. 🙌🏻

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