Mind Based Medicine for Healthcare by Dr. Paul Drouin

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When neuroscience began to agree that brain neuroplasticity is possible, the next step was to implement technologies that allow for rewiring the brain. This new concept has completely revolutionized the field of psychology and medicine.

The old paradigm described brain neurocircuitry as a fixed entity that cannot be influenced, an extension of the belief that most diseases are pre-determined by your genetics and that, fatalistically, there is nothing you can do about it.

In an updated curriculum of medicine, the new biology is redefined and expanded to include the stunning concept that your system of beliefs can actually modify your genes. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, another pioneer in this field, you can also create new behaviors by deliberately rewiring your brain. Dr. Amit Goswami also points us in the direction of the possibility of creating new brain circuitry by implementing new behaviors. This subject is certainly the core of what he described as the stage of manifestation in the process of spontaneous healing.

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