Metaphysical Madness ~ Spirit Science 39 (Part 4)

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  1. hey bro following your vids from South afrika and love them should do a video about infinite abundance and Bashar

  2. Jordan! I love that you said that this belief encompasses that God himself is the universe! In the Bible you have the Father the son and the holy Spirit all as one. When Moses is speaking to the burning bush asking it if it is God it responds with. “I am, that I am” People tend to forget the comma. Meaning that the Bush was saying I am this fiery bush . I am the sky period I am the water period I am you. I am all the Jewish people. I am all the Egyptian people. I am everything! Thank you again for sharing such wisdom!

  3. nice video. though one thing i will say is i think the focus on beauty is a mistake. firstly beauty is subjective. secondly just because an answer isn’t beautiful doesn’t mean it isn’t true. also the information you get today that isn’t beautiful might not be the end of the story and if you discount it because it doesn’t meat your criteria for beautiful, you may miss out on the correct whole, which may have that beauty you seek. .

  4. You! Yes you reading this right now. No not some random person but YOU! I’m sending this message to YOU! Everything that has hurt you is over. Every test you’ve been put through, you have survived. You might not be exactly where you were aiming to be but today marks the start of your new life. Your mindset shifted to such a high level that it vibrated on a frequency that brought you right here. The universe has a way of taking you exactly where you want to be, at the perfect time and all that is required, is for you to align your mind. NOW, you’re on the right track. Watch this over and over until it sinks in and share it with the people you want a better life for and heal and grow together. You’re blessed and the new chapter of your life just started! No more negativity. No more sadness. Forgive yourself and learn to love who you’ve always been so you can sore to the highest level of yourself. This is awesome and I’m so excited for what’s about to happen to you over the next few days. Wow! You really made it to this place.

  5. This was so well-communicated. Your thought process flowed creatively yet with chronological logic and law. Unifying the separated departments of thought through physics, philosophy, and archeology is masterfully achieved here in this, one of your finest works. 🥰 Thank you all for your empowering expressions of love for all.

  6. Was just thinking…I feel like I’d enjoy a new spirit science video….🤣🙏🙌 Thank you universe ✨❤️

  7. I love the piano in your theme song!!! I noticed you’re experimenting with it, so I thought I’d offer the feedback. Have you tried a music box? I feel like this song would sound amazing on a music box.

  8. Hi, Jordan 🙃 my questionable bombshell childhood was a phenomena weird to describe but: when I was 4 yrs old I noticed this shape following my eye movements where I looked in the skies 🌌 or 🌅 or afternoon skies. I am able to see a purple flowing in and out in a bleeding energy but faint watermark colored but inverted, flowing like overlapping star-gates in violet hue colors. I only see it during my exhaustion physically but surviving a traumatic domestic situation at 7 yrs the vortexes in the skies thru my eyes, showed up again but then both my parents saw it at the same time during that traumatic situation of domestic violence I prayed,but drew in the air like a anime character with Rayearth magic breathing the spell to say while casting my manifestation for instead timed accuracy without time delay for a wish as a child drawing a tesseract square in the air like drawing ✍️ what kids naturally do when magic is willingly thru love to exist for divine reason or miracles intervention Idk 😐 what to label it as but once I finish the casting and drawing in the air I asked sister time and space to give my mom protection within an inch of time and space and from what my father said to me he saw the purple vortex swallow up his bullet that disappeared but was aimed at my mom pregnant while protecting herself and the unborn baby lying down on the king size 🛌 the vortex within 10 inches of the barrel of the WW2 hand gun release that my grandfather served as WW2 corporeal with mental health problems gave my father a gun, that passed down to my father before me using a gun. But I choose to not buy a gun but train to rent and use once It would be the first. But🤦🏾‍♀️redirecting back to the bullet trajectory path 🎯 to revises from hitting my mom, the unborn baby, the king size 🛌, corner floor wall decoration angle where the bullet reappeared while in frontal my mom lying down still on the bed not moving from that spot the whole time the vortex appeared to protect my mom to avoid the bullet intended trajectories that a bullet would physically would take but to ask time and space for help exactly the way my mind was drawing it in the air, saying casting it with wishful to being a kid that loves there mom I had a willingly intention to manifest with asking for help. Once the purple vortex spit out the bullet that was completely bypassing my mom, the unborn baby, the 🛌 completely avoided no harm no blood or cotton spilling (except the wall decoration before the carpet floor. Is where that bullet was left there probably still to this day since I’ve moved and no longer live there, and both my parents are passed away. I hope they learned something our of there lives because they died divorced separately alone or with family. It’s still hard for me to emotionally comprehend all is one but that energy matrix or whatever sister time and space, what incantation as a child I barely recall what I once said back then. But it’s my not proof that magic and time space dark matter dark energy exists including what vibrational else we all can’t process yet to pre-receive what we physically to vibrationally cant see. It’s why I question a lot. What do u think, plus please excuse the grammar I had a seizure episode last nov. 2019. So thank you for your content and opening minded feedback if you think you have more questions please be patient it was my past after plus I haven’t felt safe practicing what I can’t yet recall what I did for my mom but it’s was a traumatized time to recap I’m still talking to a professional therapist. And takings teas to figure out my diet more.🤔.

    • You must be some kind of Demi god!!!!

      Dude. Seriously, Seroquel isn’t that hard to get prescribed. Now to get this taste of bullshit off my tongue…

      And LMFAO at you blaming a seizure over a year for how you cannot apply grammar. BAGahahahHahahahahahahahhahah

  9. Been asking why literally my entire life. The more answers I get the more I realize how little I actually know. The question I’m on right now is why does anything exist at all? It sounds like a simple, fundamental question, but if you view it from certain angles it will twist your mind into knots. That question may be the one that has no answer. I actually envision it to be one of the “prime movers”, meaning it’s one of the reasons why God (or we, however you choose to say it) began to split into different parts, either in an attempt to answer it or as a way to avoid it by hiding in our self, since it gives me an extremely odd, rather unpleasant feeling if I think about it in certain ways.

  10. If I fart in a packed elevator, it changes the nature of reality for everyone around me. Fact.

  11. Here’s some stoned thoughts:
    Our souls regularly travel from dimension to dimension. It’s a normal activity for us. However traveling from dimension to dimension is difficult, we need to travel through boundary layers. These boundary layers have specific frequencies that need to be matched to navigate from one dimension to the other. Entering a boundary layer is easy, we are outside of it, have studied and know the frequency to enter. We need assistance to cross over into the boundary layer and develop a physical form, birth. We then navigate through the boundary layer trying to match the frequency to get through to the other dimension. It’s not easy, the boundary layer wears down the physical form quickly and if you don’t match the frequency to get to the next dimension you end up being spit back out into your previous dimension. When we transition back out, we leave the physical manifestation behind (death) because it’s not needed anymore, and it’s on a different frequency anyways and can’t travel between layers.

  12. I love your work spirit science.
    Life? It never seems to be quite what we think.
    Yet it can only be what we think.
    If our reality is illusion we can only know one thing for certain and everything else is predicated on how we interpret that one certainty of knowing.
    That one thing that can be truly known is the fact that I am.
    I am a living Mandelbrot set.
    A manifold fractal iteration of the Cosmic Consciousness’s initial awareness of I am.
    The infinite contained within the finite.
    The immortal within the mortal.
    Our temporal existence occurs within the juxtaposition of a paradoxical dichotomy of duality and the challenges and trials we face shape us energetically for the next experience of Being that the end of this one is the beginning of.
    Isn’t it exciting?

  13. I used to drive my Mum crazy when I was younger, because I always wanted to know…. why?!!
    Just a little while back, my 7 yr old granddaughter told me that she doesn’t like it when her Dad says…”Because I said so” when she’s asked him for the reason why.
    “I have to know the ‘why’, Grandma” she told me, with her hands
    displaying her feelings of reasoning and insistance…..bless her wonderful enquiring mind & loving heart 🌸 … a little mini me 😀😎

  14. Metaphysics and Unified Field Physics are two faces of the same coin.

  15. Why do most people forget their true essence can’t be hurt and fear it will by some manner ?

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