Medical Astrology EXPLAINED! A Beginner’s Guide to Health & Wellness in Astrology!

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Medical Astrology EXPLAINED! A Beginner's Guide to Health & Wellness in Astrology!

In this lecture, originally recorded on February 14th, 2020 in Acapulco, Mexico at Anarchapulco, Heather gives an introductory talk on Medical Astrology—what it is, how it originated, the basic principals of Medical Astrology, and how it's used today.

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  1. How does she do it? I’m having a rough health day. I Looked at my phone and this notification popped up.

  2. Great video 💗
    Had to pop back on and say you are freaking brilliant 🙌 many thanks 🙏

  3. This was actually awesome. I’ve been trying to look for a vid similar to yours that really explains the topics in this video! 👌 👍 That description at 1:01 is my favorite. Your explanation is similar to the content from Dr. Ethan. Dr Ethan’s demonstrations are really useful and he really helped me a lot on my midterms! He is an insightful med student in Nottingham and he explains wellness.

    I recommend you watch his page out and give Dr Ethan a like! 👉 #DoctorEthanScience

  4. Lmao I’m sitting here 3 days in to a severe abscess tooth. Feels like I’m growing a second head out of my jawline lol All weekend I’ve been thinking “damn Saturn, what’d I doooooo!? 😭” (I’ve had a rough few years, cap rising and s node)
    Then here comes Heather to help me figure that out 😂😂😂💜

  5. Great job Heather !!! Let’s get the word out there that astrology is REAL!! Well done. It’s not an easy thing to explain to people who are probably already discrediting the subject.

  6. Update: After getting further into the video… Heather, STOP!! Like fo’real STOP IT!!! This IS
    I! N! S! A! N! E! I AM MIND BLOWN 😌 ☺ I Need You in an Encyclopedia form. You ARE a Unique, Intelligent, Beautiful Soul. Everything you said about ♑ that’s Me 😱😳😁 That’s it where do I Sign up for your courses like NOW!! (heading to your website now) 💻

    Oh my, don’t EVEN get me started on my health, I’ll spare you the details Heather, but I’ll say this it took DOCTORS 12 YEARS!!! THAT’S correct 12!!! TWELVE!!! YEARS!!! to diagnose me, finally last July 2020. I can’t Thank you enough for sharing this with us, VERY interesting. I knew this existed but didn’t know how it all came together. Thank you ❤♉♌♑🌟🌙🪐🌠🌌

  7. My Neptune is in my 12th house, i always thought ghosts could see me and always felt scared to be alone. Heavy conditioning in my youth to ignore any natural gifts and to just fit in.

  8. Astrology is great. However, after your 30+,40+ you must find the narrow path of the soul or the game of life will be lost.

  9. Could you make a video on how you healed yourself with medical astrology?

    • I’ll actually releasing that video to my Cosmic Community members next month. 🙂

  10. Heather, what was the book you mentioned in the talk, that you took home from your friend?

  11. A big big Yes! Do you plan some courses on this specific topic? Thank you for sharing this research 👏⚛✨

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