Matias De Stefano Remembers His Past Life on Another Planet

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Matias De Stefano recalls memories from a life in the northern region of the Planet Gludok, near Sirius A, and reveals why these people came to our planet. Before the time of Atlantis, people from the Southern region of Gludok came to Earth to awaken the flow of energy and increase consciousness on our planet. To awaken this earthly kundalini, they activated a flow of energy from the North to the South pole, then horizontally along the planet.

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  1. Nobody wants to talk about third pole. The Himalayas. Just not to credit too much to India. The third pole is because of high altitude not because it’s farther away from sun, as in case of north and south pole. Hence the mysteries. Eg. Mount Kailash, none climbed it until today.

    • @Sahil Rawat just like the joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 it was funny to me ijs

    • @Aye Cleezy yeah it’s funny to me as well, but also a little sad 😅

    • @Sahil Rawat not to me these kids getting shot is sad to me. Not nothing on YouTube bruh. People can believe whatever they want to straight up. If your kids don’t agree with you. Will that make you sad or upset. It shouldn’t everybody is entitled to their own opinion. It’s sounds like a DMT trip to me never tried it so I wouldn’t know.

    • @Aye Cleezy yeah man, I don’t care what people think, I’m just here for fun, have a nice day or night

    • @Sahil Rawat 2pm Est right here in Babylon. DC the nation’s capital or
      Capa-Hell. You to bruh. Be safe ✌🏾☮️

  2. I was once a saiya-jin .
    But I got my tail cut by god.
    So I can fit in.

    • Another guy is looking for nothing, what a mess!? you can get it for yourself 😜 That means you believe in bulshit, and care about the others to say; hey! here! I’m too important.

  3. Hi Matias, very grateful for this information, it helps me remember, sort it out and innerstand better some of my own experiences’. Thank you!

  4. I remember him, hes my neighbor back in our alien days when we were 10000 year old kids. He still owes me money!

  5. Large eyes would seem to evolve from a low light/ultraviolet spectrum produced by a red dwarf star. I don’t see how higher energy via the planetary poles would be function in said extrasolar system?

    • I understand, if earth had a lot more sunlight, evolution would favor smaller eyes. Look at Asians for instance. But not all solar systems have the same frequency of “light”.

    • @Divine Drift but it also depends on how the eyes are made, they can probably see all light but it doesnt hurt them and light is light we can only see what we see so we dont really know

    • @BAKER considering our eyes are inside the brain in early development and the eyes literally come out of the brain at a certain point means our eyes are part of our brain. So who knows how other life evolves their vision.

  6. Matias de Stefano never tells ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE That would be helpful. Blah Blah Blah ~ New Age Fluff Bags!!

    • Hahahaha… very well said, they just only see one side of the coin

  7. Gludok from Sirian system.
    The look is like the arcturians.

  8. even if he is speaking truth this doesn’t mean anything if we can’t prove it.

    • Some proofs are subjective, some are objective. You just need to remember and go in your inner realities to validate or invalidate

  9. Always do a sound check before , you start ,for the hard of hearing, anyone can turn it down but not everyone can turn it up if it’s already on full,it looked interesting but couldn’t hear it 👍

  10. Can I smoke a joint with Mathias? I feel like we could be friends.

    Mathias: we already have.

    Me: 😶🤨🤔

  11. I remember my past life here in this planet doing the same thing I am doing now. People tell me it’s dejavú, I say no I came to finish off what I left in my past life here. Is that possible

  12. I use to think Gaia was good then they started videos about this crap and some guy claiming to bend spoons with his mind. Count me out.

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