March 2021 Numerology Forecast: The 3-step Process To Prepare Yourself For Miracles This Month

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Welcome to your March 2021 Numerology Forecast

March is a 8 Universal Month – a POWERFUL month of manifestation!!! WOOT WOOT!!! About time, right? But here’s the thing: these timing cycles don’t do things FOR you. They are there for you and I to leverage, should we decide to use them. 

In this month's forecast learn:

How to decode the manifestation power of March, so you can actually benefit!
The 3-step process to prepare yourself for miracles in the next 31 days
And stay tuned for the end of the video, where I will be revealing a fun give-away for those who are ready to go for the gold!

Big hugs…

Nat, Your Numerologist and Philosopher-friend

P.S. Comment below and let me know what your brainstorm list is! What are the 4 outside-your-comfort-zone steps you are going to take for your goal or desire?

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    • Good for you. They keep all your messages pictures for future plans on facial recognition software etc. They aren’t to be trusted. Owned by the elite at top. Whom own 80% of worlds wealth while we all fight over the rest. Beautiful planet terrible world 🌎 💔

  1. Action + Execution x 4 = Manifestation! In a figure Eight ÷ Five/Three. Numerology bold assignment. Creating and dreaming of winning a give away because, aside if learning about my star for cast, I would love to get to know about the ZerO. Thank you ❤️ Ms. Nat.

  2. That is very outside of the box manifestation tool thank you for sharing such great wisdom ✨🕊

  3. Thank you. I do not have IG. I am manifesting a solo road trip to Sedona, AZ. from SC back home to NYC and coming back more grounded to make up my indecisive decision for divorce after 11 years of marriage .

  4. Mani fest the best yo 😌
    I have zero funds, low creation ideas and tried for a long while too.
    I just trust universe to bring whats meant without my efforts which usually let me down due to universe saying nope. As always.

    So what now? Any ideas? I’m always isolated as in their 4 lockdown have you forgotten about virus scam?
    More difficult now than ever so great suggestions but will lead no where due to whats around us right now. If only universe loved is so we can move forward. Im up for anything I’m fearless but universe always says nope.

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