Manifest Your Destiny – How to ATTRACT and Discover Your Greatest Power! Michael Sandler

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Within you is the ability to attract and manifest all that you desire. Wayne Dyer has talked about this, ancient sages have talked about this, and every modern law-of-attraction expert as well.

When you discover who and what you truly are, and how to harness this power within, it changes your entire existence.

The trick is, we don’t believe it at first, and that’s the greatest hurdle to overcome.

For we’ve been taught to believe it when we see it, but it’s the exact reverse that’s true….

Believe it and you will see it.

So in this special Wayne-Dyer inspired live event, we’ll look at how you can see the divine within, learn how to work with the divine within, and how you can begin to use this God-power, or Divine force that’s inside each and every one of us, to attract the very life that you desire.

Truly when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, and more importantly, when you change the way you see your power, the power you see changes.

And this my friend, changes everything!

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  2. Thank you for this wonderful message. Regards from South Africa 👍

    • Same here. I remember when I learned of him a few years ago, I thought – I have to go hear this guy live somewhere. I was heartbroken when I realized he had already passed a couple of years before that.

    • I had the good fortune of seeing him a few years before he passed. He had a great sense of humor

    • @Allen Williams wow!! What a special gift you got. He really resonated (still does) with me too.

  3. Amazing session
    Thanks for sharing such a vulnerable time in your life

  4. 💌✨Remember that whatever you want to know or accomplish in your life is possible if you are TRULY READY TO TRUST in your DIVINE POWERS to manifest it!✨💌🧚🏽

  5. I love you, Jessica. Roo ❤️❤️❤️I am 66year, Think I belive hidden blessing.Namaste 🌹🙏🌹🤩💫💎💜❤️💚😇💎hi from Sweden

  6. A good friend shared your podcast and my gosh, I do resonate with the many messages. The best take away is about the trust boundaries with manifestation, the non competitive clause and the ideas of separateness and surrendering to yourself. Nicely done. Thank you for the great pep talk from your magical campground!

  7. It was so meant for me to hear your message this morning. I cannot tell you how many twos there are in my life. So many so that it’s really gotten my attention over the years and made me wonder. I’m a second child born in the second month to a second daughter. I got married at age 20…and 22 months later I had my first child at age 22…had my second child 22 months after that. My dad passed away on 2-22…I see twos in multiples when I’m least expecting it…and especially at times of my life where I’m facing a crossroad, transition, concern, or prior to an announcement of some kind of change. I sold my last home on the 22nd of the month and as we were signing the documents and discussing how “meant” it was for the couple to buy my house (they loved it) we noticed the time was 2:22. Latest “two” adventure happened on a trying day in April. Driving along, I mentally asked for a sign of support from my angels. Less than an hour later, I stopped at a convenience store and saw signs plastered all over the front glass declaring sodas on sale…2 for 2.22. It also happened to be my dad’s birthday (he would have been 92).
    Years ago, I did one of those quick numerology calculations, and it turned out my birth number is a two. All of that is just the top of the “two” iceberg in my life. So…as you can imagine, I was really excited to hear your comments about the twos when I heard your video this morning. Thank you for offering such great insight…I really enjoy your channel.

    • Thank you Karen for your comment. It sure sounds like twos play a special role in your life. Much love to you!

  8. If I knew I couldn’t fail personally I would open an animal sanctuary with disabled animals

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