Making Sense Of Jordan Peterson – The Big Picture

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An advanced, non-partisan analysis of Jordan Peterson's success, the backlash to his success, and the limitations and traps of his political and psychological worldview. Learn how to develop beyond what Jordan Peterson has taught you.

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  1. These topics are very interesting for people coming across actualised for the first time ❤️ thanks for the love Leo !

  2. As somebody who really admires certain qualities about JBP, I can’t wait to tune into this video.

  3. 4:20am about to sleep, but Leo release a JP video.
    Aw fu

  4. Oh my god.. he actually began the episode by saying “Heey”… it’s been so long…😂

    • @Jonas Richter Leo doesn’t believe in plots, that’s why he can’t see them.

    • @Dream DictionI kinda agree. Despite what Leo says, what do you think truly?

    • @Jonas Richter Leo has damaged his brain with drugs, that’s why he is incredibly clever is some ways and incredibly stupid in other ways.

    • @Dream Diction Leo doesn’t believe in brains either so brain damage doesn’t matter i guess?

  5. 14 dislikes already 25 minutes after the video was uploaded? I don’t think you can understand anything by watching Leo’s videos at 6x speed …

    • @Joseph Armstrong Are you kidding? Leo has to have long videos to get the point across, which i love. The longer the better for me. You should watch his new Clips channel. That channel is suited for people like you.

    • That’s how I feel about a 2hr movie that takes forever to reveal the killer. I’d rather watch a 2hr video on this channel with a “real” message, less violent, have more meaning and let’s me open my eyes up to the function of my wakened reality.

    • @Princess Arabia A story is different than an argument.

  6. I’m 40 mins in. Haven’t watched your content in over 1 year. I can already tell this is one of the best videos on the internet.

  7. Now I want to watch Jordan Peterson video on ‘what’s wrong with Leo Gura’ 😂

  8. please go to his podcast, I’d love to see a conversation between you two.

    EDIT: I cried 5 times in the second part.

    • that wont happen that conversation wont go anywhere peterson world where he makes millions a year will shatter

  9. Next: “What’s Wrong with Richard Dawkins?”

    Beautiful thumbnail btw!

  10. “This is going to be an advanced…” Is the intro to all of Leo’s videos

  11. This episode isn’t about Jordan Peterson per se. Leo uses him as a vehicle to study spiral dynamics and expound on spirituality and enlightenment.

  12. This may be your first video dedicated to a single individual 🙂

    • For someone with such a broad areas of work like JBP, I think it’s certainly needed 🙂

  13. I think this has to be one of your best. You broke it down on such a fundamental level using spiral dynamics, like the complete opposite of straw-manning. Most people’s critique of JP is when they just take one little quote or soundbite and rant about it. I love it when you bring spiral dynamics into it. Your 10 hour series on the subject really opened up my understanding of the world, now my brother and I use the theory in our discussions to better understand individuals collectives and countries.

    • @Harry Leo has begun reaching people for podcasts, so that could happen some day. He did 2 hour podcast with Charlie from Charisma Command, and that could come out any moment on Charisma on Commands channel.

    • Yes, same here. Since spiral dynamics, my friend and I have a whole new dimension of topics to talk about. We rarely talk about ‘things of the world’ anymore, but expand into topics like development psychology and self realization. It was a kicker from orange/green into yellow and beyond. Tier 2 really makes a difference.

    • @Howard Wimshurst I love ur animation videos – im kinda surprised to see u here

    • @Harry I think he never refused as to be refuted you need to ask first and maybe the reason could be right now he is not interested in inviting someone please have some nuances in your life

  14. Having a modern teacher that reaches such objective stages eventhou you are still human and one of us makes me feel so safe & free in this modern society

  15. I think JBP is an incredibly positive force in many many people’s lives and those in their lives, and I look forward to Jordan seeing, considering, digesting, and incorporating this to become a yet richer, fuller, better teacher.

    • There is nothing incredibly positive or advanced about JBP teachings. They can be helpful to some people but they are not by any means advanced.

      You believing it is advanced a testament to your own psychological development.

    • @Harlen Kelly are you aware of how douchey you sound? 🙈

  16. My childhood self would never have imagined my adult self watching a philosophy video about a guy asking the question: “What is Ned Flanders?”

  17. I absolutely LOVE content like this – one of my favourite thinkers analyzing another person (JP) who I also find very interesting, in the context of Spiral Dynamics. Thank you Leo, you’re brilliant and I love contemplating this type of stuff!

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