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Do affirmations work for you, or is the jury still out? If you’ve tried affirmations before but never seemed to feel the benefits, you may not have been doing them correctly. So, let’s change that!

In this video you’ll discover a variety of morning affirmations to raise your vibration… PLUS, I will also remind you of the specific SECRET SAUCE that is necessary for ALL affirmations to be as potent and powerful as they can be.

I highly suggest you start using these affirmations consistently as repetition is KEY as with any daily ritual or self care routine. If you’re ready to learn how to raise your vibration with very little effort but with maximum impact, all you’ve got to do is push play.

Before you go, I have a special gift that will help you create the perfect morning routine. You can easily incorporate your positive affirmations right into this tool which is why it’s one of my personal favorites. Check out the FREE Introspection Exercise and a PDF to help set up your 7 Morning Success Rituals. You can access them both right here:

And make sure to check out our awesome video playlists. Here’s one I picked just for you that will keep you in that high, feel-good vibration. It’s all about Positive Thinking.

Hi! I’m Natalie Ledwell, personal development teacher, bestselling author and co-founder of Mind Movies. Here, you’ll find powerful Law of Attraction tools, visualization techniques, guided meditations, and the best self-improvement tips to help you manifest your best life.

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