“Letting Go Is A Must” Prepare Yourself To Trust The Universe!

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    • Deep divers ready for the FLOOD coming! Did you hear about Nasa’s prediction in next 10 years or so about record breaking floods? A topic you can speak on! It was reported by CBS and also NASA website.

      As you said WE GOT THIS!!

  1. You yes you have survived 100% of your worst days.
    NEW BOOK FEEL ALIVE BY RALPH SMART NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.ralphsmart.com/thebook
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    • Spectacular messages, just in time. Thank you so much Ralph🙏

    • I am StarSeed Creekgoddezz awoken Ralph. I have let go gradually and it’s working Ralph. I go within and focus everyday. I have been watching you since 2010 and I know you’re the 1 and I am the one. I am so excited about my new life and new journey. Everything you are saying matches with my inner soul and spirit. I told my son recently that must vibrate on the same frequency and chant mantras to change thing’s in that unseen realm.

    • Everything you’re teaching is true and eye have people in my inbox trying to marry me copy me and be me Ralph. Eye have arrived. I am that eye am

    • I let go of this world and got out their box and now creating my own world

    • The first step to ending this negative cycle of attackers against wellbeing is to watch every law that they try and pass through to congress and gathering enough people to end rebuttal every bogish law they’re about to start. those laws will be the sign of their intentions with us. As they’ve already always been.

  2. You yes you have survived 100% of your worst days.

    • Ralph please help!! When I came to this video there is 144 comments!! Ralph I’m trying to let go…. but when the lawyers abs debt collectors are calling….I feel like this is a good lesson so my son knows we don’t buy things unless we have the money for it….my heart says no more paying bills…. but this is so confusing and I feel like I’m going insane! I got a letter I have 30 days to decided… I’m lost and lonely

    • God bless you.. Yes, your hard is Speaking the Truth. And yess, The Truth is like.. Ooo, my God!
      But we come Here oening nothing except our soul, why should we GO with such burden like stuff..! I would like give you the soluționa and the money, but I do not possess. This means – i m Free. I know, I know… just not knowing you.
      But He does. Let Him Take your burden. Pray and wait as the Pray is just committed. (sorry, eventualy, for my english..) I hope you Will do well. I Pray for you!

    • @Diana Mihalache thank you so much for your kind words my friend…. it’s so hard knowing things but not having the “proof” to back it up…I know in the end God wins its just the patience part as I feel everything is going to go away from me if I continue this way….husband and child and I know I’m meant to have both ❤

  3. When we let go, we create space to receive. & it’s cool to see what amazing things life will throw your way! 💫

  4. Some things aren’t even worth the weight/wait. Let go and LET’S GO.


  6. “For something to begin, something needs to end.” Truth. I’m carrying this truth with me.💃🏽💜

  7. Once u let go of the things making you sick, the universe will send the things tht are supposed to come, much prayers to everyone atm going through it, graditude ❤️

  8. The problem with the “powerful” is that the lost ones are never “full”

  9. It’s so hard to recondition yourself when you are trying to take care of others at the same time. Especially when most of your life you had to fight.

    • Totally agree, my life has been a horrible struggle and I got bad health now, but somehow after all the spiritual videos on youtube and daily meditation I can have some peace and joy every day for a short or longer time. Life can be really brutal, but you are a strong souls since you chose to be here. Wish you the best 🌟

  10. Definition of abundance: Getting exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. The Universe does not make mistakes. It did not ever not exist. Nor does it have to explain itself. Peace..

  11. “I came here to move beyond my own limitations.” Be yourself deep divers & shine like a diamond. 🌎☮️💕

  12. ‘I’m not trusting big Pharma, I’m trusting nature – it’s been here longer’ – love it!

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