LEARN Your Guardian Angels Name … This Really Works!

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Are you ready to finally KNOW your guardian angels name!? I'm about to show you a way to learn their name that REALLY WORKS! 😇💖✨

Whether you're aware of it yet or not you have a guardian angel who is with you, guiding you and supporting you from the angelic realm.

In this video I share how to meet your guardian angel, receive their guidance and learn your guardian angels names through doing a simple and yet profound angel meditation…

Use this process at any time for connecting with angels, and to experience the love and brilliance of meeting your guardian angel, so you can tune into their wisdom, guidance, and heavenly support in your life.

Wishing this was a guided angel meditation?

Get My New "Guardian Angel Meditation" With Archangel Michael here: https://www.ask-angels.com/angel-messages/guardian-angel-meditation/

Archangel Michael connects with angelic energy and love to guide you through this process of raising your vibration to meet your guardian angel, connect with the angelic realm and finally know your Guardian Angels Name.

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Prefer to read?

I've written out this process for How to Learn Your Guardian Angels Names for you here: https://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/how-to-learn-your-guardian-angels-names/

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  1. Guardian Angels are always there for you. Be sure to thank them today! 🙏☮️☯️👼

    • Ah yes god is all was there and the holy sprit within you may you always remember that🙏

    • @Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler if my birth name is Gabriela, you think that could be the name of my angel too?
      Also where is please the link for the guided meditation, I can’t find in here 🤷.

      Much appreciate you 🙏

  2. My granddaughter who is 8 says her Grandfather is looking after her, as she sees him all of the time. Oh to be a child again and see the unseen.

    • Thank you for sharing! 🙏❤️🙏 I also saw my grandfather when I was around the same age, and even though I never met him in person I have always felt very connected to him.

    • I’ve heard from MANY that past loved ones don’t guide us. Actual angels do. It’s a sweet thought to provide you comfort but I believe the seers when they say our loved ones are NOT our guardians but an angel is.

    • 0121 maybe you’re not listening to the gift god gave you and you feel it’s a curse.
      I hope you find peace in your heart to come to terms with it so you won’t live in hell anymore

    • People she is not seeing her grandfather she is seeing a familiar spirit the Bible says and as it is appointed unto man wants to die and after this the judgment! Her grandfather is already been judged and is in a place whether it’s heaven or hell only God knows whether he was born again or not and it sounds like to me from right-year-old daughter and from what her mother is teaching her she doesn’t know the Lord and she’s not being taught about the Lord she’s being taught about dead people in familiar spirits teach your children the Bible the king James 1611 they’re not too young to understand it and tell him about the Lord tell him about salvation and not about these things that your mind is it puffs your mind up and makes you think things that are not true she’s not seeing her grandfather let me tell you she’s not she’s seeing it familiar spirit posing as him ! So repent of this nonsense and put your faith in God’s word and in the Lord Jesus Christ what he did for you on the cross and to God the father pray to God the father in Jesus name and ask forgiveness for your sins and all this nonsense ask him to take it and show you the truth of his word and what things really are and who things really are people really are and learn his word so you cannot be Duke by these con artists that are deceived by the devil, If a child is old enough to know right from wrong then they’re old enough to understand the Bible and start teaching them the king James 1611 Bible in Dayton right from wrong according to God’s standards not yours and teach him what salvation is and how they can get it learned learned that yourself ever Denteley you need to learn it if you’re only gonna learn it through reading God’s word for yourself not following somebody that says they know what it is you need to read it for yourself and learn it for yourself and quit teaching your children this garbage and quit affirming them and this just get the word and show them why this cannot be true and it cannot be her grandfather and put it on the right path teacher of the right things that may be upsetting door but just keep praying for him keep teaching her the truth and God will show her he’ll open up her understanding at some point , And yours as well

  3. I felt my guardian angel when I was hit by a dump truck when I was 19 I was enveloped in my angels wings I was hardly touched a few scratches and sore but I believe I spared fo a bigger purpose 🌺

    • I was hit by a car when I was 20 year old, Riding a bike not wearing a helmet. I hit the windshield head on I had a small cut on my hear and hand. Nothing else.
      My Guardian angel saved my life that day.

    • Steve Priest excellent! For me. Peter, aka Seltilonya saved me countless times. Like when around midnight 10 years ago I was planning on taking a road that I normally take but he kept telling not to and go straight and every time I defied or second guest what he kept saying me he kept saying until I realized he wasn’t going to stop until did. And seconds later a car shot across the medium and sped through a turn I was going to take in the opposite direction! Had I gone that way I probably would not be here telling you this.

    • @INSANE DISAPPEARANCES!!!! Wow! About two years ago, I had an Angel’s manifestation that has changed my life, but until today I don’t know exactly what is my assignment, because I lost the connection. I’m Trying to connect with them again!

    • Mio Angel I can show you how because you haven’t lost your connection your guardian. Call out to him or her in your mind and if you hear a far away voice speak back. Do not doubt, ignore or second-guess what you hear, directly afterwards.

    • Me too I was actually hit by a motor then I just had a scratch and one time I slipped my feet on the roof It was a pool of blood yet it didn’t hurt

  4. I dont know who my guide is but i saw archangel Micheal in my dream he stopped by and i was in heaven he is very handsome though

    • NO I”m sure it wasnt Micheal you saw, and if you read Proverbs 10:19, in the 1611 King James bible, you”ll see why people have dreams, Because of a multitude of business, thing we do and think about through the day !! can cause us to have false dreams, that we believe to be real, , do yourself a great favor , read your bible, and ask God to reveal his truth to your soul, and leave this false things alone, they’ll only end you up in hell,

    • Last Saturday this lady talked to me about angels (out of nowhere) She said she asked her spirit guide to show her an angel. Then she so this beautiful huge light and both got scared. A time later she asked again, she felt ready. She described this angel like as 3 mts tall, wide eyes, flat nose. And he was sad for humanity.

  5. During a meditation I asked my Spirit Guide direct questions to which she did not answer. After asking four questions I finally asked if she had a message for me. Instantly, my mother appeared and picked me up, hugged me and we twirled in the air but she quickly brought me back to the start of the meditation right away. I thank my angels for a beautiful experience. I miss my mom everyday. You posted this video on her death anniversary.

    • Margarita Heath pure fear talk that brings only negative thoughts and feelings. Is it necessary? If you’re here, you’re looking for something your soul needs. It might or it
      Might not be here, just keep looking and God bless you.

    • Awww i’m sorry for your lost at least she’s in a better place now❤️😇

    • @Margarita Heath meditation is giving your mind a moment to rest from electronic work troubles and to connect within yourself there are a lot of witchcraft practices in religion to read and study all religion you will see wicca was the religion before Christianity so witch on is the true religion God because someone wrote it or wicca because they gave thanks to the sun and moon for controlling the day and night

  6. “I call upon my guardian angel, please come in and connect me now, surround me with light and angelic energy, and assist me in tuning in to your love and presence.”

    • Beeboopeepoo You need to get a good king James 1611 Bible and start reading it you don’t pray the angels you pray to God the father in Jesus name angels cannot help you there sent by God to protect the errors of those it would be years of salvation OK in the end to help them but they don’t they only help them in certain ways and they can’t save them they can’t answer their prayers angels can’t do that and it’s the only ones that are surrounding you with light and that’s his fault angels that are from the enemy they can pose is God and in and help and they give you false light they are the ones at Legion darkness that like that they’re giving you is really darkness it’s not the truth they’re lying to you what Do you need to do is start reading the Bible and learning what it says and praying and ask God to save your soul and to deliver you from the stuff because it’ll send you to hell I’m serious God Jesus died on the cross for your sins and he rose a third day for your justification and then his name can you go to God the father in his name only and pray and ask God the father to save you and your son Jesus’s name and he will do that and he will give you the true light and you’ll understand the order that got his place things and don’t go chasing off after angels and visions and dead people and all that kind of garbage it’s going to lead you to hell go get Gods written word and read it and learn what it says and. And learn what it means to be saved !!, stop chasing this garbage do you yourself a favor repent of your sins and put your faith and trust in God through Jesus Christ his son only and know that you’re not gonna be perfect but your heart will be in the right place your heart will be seeking the true and living God but not going on and God will make sure if your truly saying that you know what’s what’s what he’ll teach you through his word you’ll have trials and errors but don’t get discouraged we all go through them you’ll have failures but don’t get discouraged just don’t just don’t fall Lynn to get the complacency that it doesn’t matter because it does matter how you live your life God will teach you how to do it and I’ll teach you how to be strong and have faith , as you read his written word daily, Today is the day of salvation the Bible says if you hear his voice don’t harden your heart people are coming with his words telling you the truth it’s up to you what are you gonna hard and hard against it or whether you’re going to seek after God the right way through his word and prayer that’s your choice and if you lose out it’ll be your fault and your fault alone not gods because he sent me to you today to tell you the truth and how you could find the truth and know the truth and be made free from the boss believes you now have, I hope and pray with all my heart that you will turn to God by his word to 1611 king James and prayerfully read it every day and ask God to open your understanding and give you wisdom and instruction and all the things you need from his word and obey it and trust it not sweat somebody else tells you but trust God‘s word about everything try the spirits desk the spirits see whether there of God or not you do it by the word by knowing the word the more you know the word the more of the written word, The B bile you know, the more Freedom from deception you’ll have !!, but the choice is yours and I hope you’ll make the right one!!

    • You will not connect with “your guardian angel”, all you will succeed in doing is connecting with a demon posing as your angel. This is called a familiar spirit, it is evil, it is of satan and you are strictly forbidden from doing such things. It’s your choice, but if you make it, it will not bode well for you.

    • Jesus and god are both different. They aren’t the same person…

    • @Karen Yeshua What was glorious about Jesus was his life and his extraordinary teachings, not his death. He was NOT executed for these teachings – which posed no threat to the Roman overlords in Judea – but because he got the wrong side of the banking system; kicking over the bankers’ trading tables in the Temple. (JFK met his end for the same reason; such are the lessons of history.) I have never understood how a man’s execution can “save” us. That sounds to me like some form of primitive “sacrificial blood magic” belief. Jesus lived and taught us what we ALL might become – fully awakened beings of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. “I am telling you the truth: those who believe in me will do what I do–yes, they will do even greater things, because I am going to the Father.” (John 14:12). Jesus intuited his own death – he was going back to the Source; the Father – and that his own physical ability to show love and compassion would end. But he knew that anyone who followed his transformational teachings could take these principles, embody them, and even build on them. (And by God we all need to start following his teachings right about now!)

  7. One time, I was looking for a pencil, I didn’t bring my pencil to school, but out of no where a pencil fell, WAS THE PENCIL FROM HEAVEN??? .-.

    • Oh I also a similar story. When I went on vacation, i lost my favorite bracelet, probably in the sea. We searched for it in all the villa, but didn’t find it. 3 months after, I was playing a video game when I felt drawn to a little box in the form of a fish that I forgot existed. When I opened it, my bracelet was in there…

    • Omg, once I was in a exam (primary school) and I didn’t have a Eraser. Then a Eraser felt on my head. Then I couldn’t find its owner for 2-3 days.
      But I was amazed *-*

  8. I have a guardian angel name golden the first time I saw him was last night he saved me from a demonic presence after that happened he touched and kissed my head and said god loves you❤️🙏

  9. I don’t know. But every time I think of calling them, I feel so scared though there’s nothing to be afraid of.

    • @Янко Янков what are u saying? Like in the Bible verse?
      In Ezekiel 1:5–11 they are described as having the likeness of a man, and having four faces: that of a man, a lion (on the right side), and ox (on the left side), and an eagle.

  10. My father died when I was two while I was there with him. I was in the apartment that we lived in by myself for 2 days as a two year old and I was fed crackers and comforted by a lady in a white dress is what I told my mother. I really would like to see her again because I know she was my angel.

  11. One day while i was trying to go to sleep i heard a very strange noise and i know it wasn’t from my family cause they were asleep i was really scared and i couldn’t fall asleep but then i ask my guardian angel to come protect me and help me fall asleep but i said all that in my head so i didnt wake up my parents and the next thing i know when i was trying to sleep i feel so relaxed and calm and i felt warmth i felt a presence behind me i felt someone breathing on the back of my neck and i kinda felt it hugging me and the next thing i know i fell asleep quick so i think that was a time where i felt my guardian angel presence

    P.S. this happened yesterday

  12. I hope that our guardian angel will help us to fight with this pandemic

  13. I feel like im the only one who search stuff like this while in quarantine lol…

  14. I’m rly scared to talk to my guarantied angel although I love her/he so so so much and I hope her/he loves me as much as I love them

  15. I wish I was able to connect with mine.. I get so side tracked ugh.

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