Launch Of New, 2nd Channel

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Announcement for the launch of the new Actualized Clips channels which will feature 100s of short clips that are easier to watch and share. Your favorite Actualized content in a bite-sized format.

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    • That’s changed when Leo returned from the March 2019 retreat. It was so impactful for him, a physical appearance had to be changed.

  1. Would be kinda cool to get related content from various episodes blended together. Just an idea.

    • for example Trump bashing present in every material at around 1:30:00 timestamp

    • I’m assuming they clip up one video at a time for the sake of sanity and knock them off the list, never again to revisit it. Imagine how hard it would be watch through multiple hour long videos just for one clip, and then to accidently do the same thing again for another similar clip. It would waste a lot of time.

  2. This is great news, but really enjoy the long ones on a Sunday afternoon 🙏

  3. i manage to watch 90% of the episodes to completion, i work at a job with a lot of downtime so i have the time

    • @Joe Walker my job i do deliveries and I’m on roads for 3 to 4 hours that’s when I slap em on

    • Same here I work 12 hr shifts as a machine operator and have been watching for a year and a half now! Starting two businesses though

    • I work at a property mgmt company so I listen to them all day while I do paperwork

  4. The second channel is awesome. After I watch the clip it makes me wanna watch the full video

  5. I didn’t even saw the title, what shocked me was the length of the video, like almost 6 min. My first thought was..wait is this really Leo?😂

    • From time to time, Leo produces shorter. It’s rare and the reason for that is that every video is handcrafted. The Magnitude of Reality for example. 28 Mins

  6. My Prediction: Leo’s new channel will be more famous than this main channel in the next 5 years. Love this idea.

  7. The videos is never to long. Could be 8 hours and still Would listen to them

    • @The Alaskan RC GUY just watch it this week. One of the best and practical, at least for me.

    • Yes you need a long episode to explain such deep and counter-intuitive stuff, but the 2nd channel will make Leo’s work way more aproachable to less actualisation-savy people (we all have family or friends, don’t we?), which will lead to more people ultimately interested in full episodes.

  8. I listen to *all* of Leo’s videos fully.
    I suppose I don’t take them as seriously as they’re intended to be, but they help me get through my personal work and make me feel better. So it may be not intended, but that’s how Leo’s work is a value to me.

  9. Genius idea, this will be helpful even for me who has the patience to watch the entire episode, but then these short clips will serve me as bookmarks or as isolated concepts I can come back at. Great work Leo.

  10. It will definitely be a easier way to share some insightful content with my family and friends, but I’m always down for the 4 hour videos 😌

  11. Leo: even the hardcore fans of my work don’t sit through all the episodes .

    Me: YES WE DO. We not playing ‘bout this Knowledge bruh

    • Nah they don’t, the vast vast majority won’t and he’ll know that through his YouTube metrics.

    • Some do, some don’t. I haven’t watched everything, but possibly 90% and some episodes more than once.

  12. I envy that editors job… geting paid to watch through all of leos content and getting wise af

  13. Leo you’re about to blow tf up man. Very excited for your content to be more accessible to people less interested in enhancing their outlooks

  14. It’s a good idea for those who can’t sit through your vids, but personally, I love and watch the entire show each time. It makes my week!

  15. Another option: add chapters/timestamps to already existing videos.

    That allows people to find back where they were last time, or repeat a self contained part.

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