Jupiter in PISCES Brings MAGICAL New Opportunities! 2.5 Month Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

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Jupiter in PISCES Brings MAGICAL New Opportunities! 2.5 Month Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

Special astrology forecast for Jupiter in Pisces for May 13th through July 28th, 2021!

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  1. Neptune and Jupiter are my time Lords this year.
    I’m very excited to see how things go with Jupiter and Neptune being in there home sign this year.

  2. Gosh, this one put me in a little confusing position… As an Aries rising, asking for a retreat, and as a Taurus Sun, asking for socializing… 🤔🤪😂

  3. I’m an aquarius rising and it’s so true what you said about money. I get it and then it disappears for one reason or another haha

  4. My fifth house of Creativity/Fun etc is in Pisces ♓️ 🥰🎥🎬🛼

  5. I’m a pisces sun, my son is a scorpio, and my daughter is a cancer so I’m so excited for this energy! My mom’s bf and my grandma are also pisces, I’m hopeful that we will all be rejuvenated during this time as we all struggle w depression and frustration but I believe now is the time to transform and transcend that energy for us now and for our future generations<3 love & light✨

  6. Libra rising here— from November 2009- November 2010. Jupiter transit my 5-7th house. I got pregnant November 2009(Jupiter transit my 5th house) had a baby Aug 2010 (Jupiter in aries transit my 7th house) then it retrograde back to Pisces in my sixth house and i got a new job that i like and still currently at. I wonder what will occur this time around 🙂 hopefully good fortune 🙏🏽

  7. Aries 17:20
    Taurus 18:35
    Gemini 19:38
    Cancer 21:06
    Leo 22:30
    Virgo 24:06
    Libra 25:23
    Scorpio 27:00
    Sagittarius 28:26
    Capricorn 29:50
    Aquarius 31:13
    Pisces 33:07

    Shoutout to everyone who time stamped their signs ❤️✨

  8. 27:06 I’m Scorpio rising and it’s actually gonna happen in the 4th house

  9. 11 degrees Scorpio rising 0 degrees Pisces sun this is gonna be a wonderful time. Let’s gooo

  10. Wow Heather, you never disappoint. *hugs you spiritually* thank you for all you and your husband do in this world.

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