Journey to Agartha ~ (The Hidden Spirituality of Children who Chase Lost Voices)

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An absolutely fabulous anime film if there ever was one, The Children who Chase Lost Voices (Aka: Journey to Agartha) is a story of letting go, and coming to terms with death, among other things. It is a powerful and deeply moving story, and one that fits right in with our other videos this week!

If you haven't seen them, please watch the Following:
The Secrets of Hollow Earth –
The Conspiracy Theory of Everything –

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  1. You are such a beautiful being of love and light. Thank you for being here on earth during this powerful transition 🙂 The universe and God love you unconditionally ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  2. If you want to leave this world, smoke DMT at least three to four lung hits and hold each for as long as possible.

    Put on some loving family movie and hold your breath and watch as the room fades away into a whiteness.

    You are completely surrounded by ones that love you, and you have no idea about the most horrible things that surround you that you cannot see

    • I don’t know I’ve heard it’s dangerous to even do it like that if at all.

    • @Cosmic Soul

      Smoking five MEO DMT is not hazardous

      Ingesting it on the other hand with an MAOI suppressor can be lethal.

    • @Cosmic Soul

      They are only parts of yourself, you need to confront anything you are fearful of for it to flee from you.

      Dragons are not your friend ET’s are not your friend.

      You can control what is happening simply visualize it that way.

      If something tries to bite you you will intuitively put up an egg-shaped field around yourself that is impenetrable as long as you imagine it so.

      they are afraid of you which is why they try to be scary.

    • @Alan Gross I’ve studied it deeply I’m very aware and this is not from fear also there are positive and negative ets not sure what your on about with dragons though.

  3. In *Sree M* ‘ s autobiography I have read there are being they live inside earth, those being sometimes communicate with some human being.

  4. I was really into anime like 3-4 years before I even started to believe in ascension, this is one of those movies that made me more spiritual , avatar the last airbender was all about spirit and their guidence , and gurren lagan was just telling how soul evolution happens that was freaky , so much I have learned through anime 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • For real! I was never into it before SS recommended avatar the last airbender and now i love it. I always thought anime was more of a nerdy boy action/fighter thing (like power rangers lol puke). I had no idea there was so much spirituality in some of these. Will have to check out gurren lagan. Havent seen that one yet.

  5. I find hollow earth really interesting! And (it is just a dream ) i hope i can experience it 😅. Drunvalo melchizedek talks also about inner earth beings named plasma beings and he had a few experiences with them ( he talks about this in a few interviews from lilou) and they live in massive crystals and sometimes show themselves in Mexico or other places. So i really believe in it. I just wanted to share it🤗 i hope there will cone more videos from this 🙂

  6. The Halls of Ahmenti ?, as a candidate for Hollow Earth ; reference – “The Egyptian Book of the Dead”.
    Agatha, has been known of, though I cannot recall the publication it was referenced in.

  7. I have a hollow earth type realm in my fantasy realm. Like the surface, it’s broken up into nations. But everything is inverted. The center has the black sun, from which the five rivers of the underworld (styx, phlegethon, lethe, cocytus, acheron) flow out to the surface, each to one of the five continents.

    Animal life began in the river Styx, and evolved its way to the surface under the inky darkness of the black sun. From beasts evolved sentient life, and eventually man.

    The underworld is a place of ancient races that hold ancient magic. In my fantasy world, the magic of the surface world is largely systemitized and almost scientific, with the exception of shamanism, necromancy, and witchcraft. Witchcraft, in particular, is tied to the underworld, especially with the five rivers forming the pentagram. If one goes into the underworld, one can learn the true secret of magic, as magic first emerged with one of the ancient races, and therefore they know secrets that the surface dwellers don’t.

    It’s also true that there are entities above who are tied to the sun that know other secrets. As above, so below, after all.

  8. Please pass on this information! Huge fan of hollow earth and all its caves, and when I saw this movie when it came I was so blown away of how well-made it was. Genius, one of my favorites. Also, to note that that liquid that they are breathing when they pass down is being experimented on and is plausible! Search > Can Humans Breathe Liquid? Its just keeps on getting weirder 😉

  9. Yeah your gonna find yourself looking into flat earth if you dig any deeper into hollow earth.

  10. Ok, Im falling in love with anime. I was never really into it before but then I watched Avatar (the last airbender) and was hooked. This looks like a good one too. Love the spiritual wisdom in them! Anybody have any other recommendations??

  11. can you do a spiritual meaning of dreams. because, couple of days before I saw my late grandmother and my grandfather(he who died years before I was born).they told me to “stay here”. I just completed my paper works to move abroad.

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