Join Numerologist Glynis McCants for a You Tube LIve Event!

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I will be sharing some powerful affirmations to help you feel better, and doing LIVE spontaneous Numerology readings and YOU could easily be one of them!! 🙂

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See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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  1. Hey Glynis … love your channel👌
    I have a question about my spiritual path …. Will the Shamanistic path that I’m on …open and lead me to help people …or should I give up ?
    I’m 3 life path …and empathic .
    BD: 8/14/70 .
    Thanks ! Much love to you ! 😇💜

    • Do not give up! Remember to surrender to your gift and that will make it stronger.

    • @Glynis McCants Thank you for your advice Glynis ….. it’s been a struggle …felt stuck. New foundations needed to be built again ….But I will stick with this …may my Angels guide me to be fearless and persistent .
      Thank you 💚😇💖

  2. Glynis, I been a huge fan for many years. Have your books, yearly calenders. Im a life path 3. I had my full reading done years ago by your website. I married a 3 and although we have other numbers, we do click. I wish more people would discover and believe in the numbers. So fun to see the many coincidences after reading your books. Love my yearly calender, so on point. 💟🌹🕊

    • In my world, EVERYONE believes in the Numbers. There are many different takes on Numerology and that can promote confusion and turn people off to learning more about it. It was the exact reason I wrote my first book Glynis Has Your Number, and then Love By The Numbers. Remember the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” You were ready and that is how you found my work. 🙂

  3. Love you…get your calendar every year and have your books….hope you write a book of affirmations (perhaps based on numerology…I’m an 8 life path, born 8/21/1950…stay well 😘

    • Elaine,
      If you have my books, then you will notice I did put affirmations in both of them. Please look up those affirmations as well and use them to your advantage. <3

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