John Robbins Walked Away From A Billion Dollars! Here Is Why.

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  2. Shouldn’t the title in the thumbnail image for the video have billion dollar’S’ ( plural?)

  3. Wow! gave a boost to my mission in life, I would love to hear more about this.. please

  4. I am following different cooking/lifestyle YouTube channels from the US, and even when great part of the content is true I believe IT’S THE HABIT that lots of people have there to go the easy way. If they’d meal prepped, made their kids help them etc or otherwise said: breaking it down: Time Management, involve their kids in meal prepping, doing right grocery shopping, even the poor could eat healthy foods.
    Back when my father was a kid in Germany after WW II, the children were taught to prepare the meals. Moms had to work full time, Dads often where not around for different reasons. Actually you can see it in the original movie of “The parent trap“ (based on a book of Erich Kästner) from 1950. Lotte calls her grandmother or neighbour to ask a recipe while cooking for her Mom and her.
    Or a friend of mine with immigrant background living in Germany: they were 4 siblings, their parents divorced, the father left, her Mom had to work, so the 2 girls & boys had to learn to cook. 😉
    So family habits, time management, do grocery and meal prep. That’s the 2nd part of the answer. They have WalMart, Costco, etc where there are options, if they can’t afford Whole Food and other fancy grocery stores. 😉
    Or they could grow their own food on their balcony or garden. Seeds don’t cost that much. And it’s also already a movement in Europe, even México (even Coca Cola promotes it in the adds in México/Latinamerica) and other countries 😉

    Lots of blessings

    • The permaculture and regenerative agriculture while domesticating some animals can help grow more organic food and make a sustainable development…

  5. I would walk away from a B.dollars if it meant insanity/lust/vanity/Negativity…it just means nothing

  6. Don’t subsidize any foods. Why put the burden upon everyone? Why not stop subsidizing BigBusiness who are ultimately the beneficiaries of subsidies? Prices even out if you stop subsidizing that which is harming people? Adding more money to the system will not work. You have to remove the money and return it to the people. Understanding the fractional reserve system is the first part of the equation, then you understand why I would be against subsidizing.

    I work three jobs, thankfully I don’t have the added stressors of family (to each their own) but I knew back in the 1980s, as a teen, that what we are involved in isn’t proper. I don’t know how, but I did know.

    Returning to basics with your food isn’t that hard. There are ways to eat healthy without going to fast food joints such as teaching people some of the real basics of cooking. A pot of beans is so very cheap, whole wheat pasta is not that much more expensive than regular pasta. A can of tomatoes can serve many types of dishes. Produce isn’t that expensive when you focus on the nutrient investment due to the amount of nutrients in fruits and vegetables and starches and starches are cheap and healthy. Whole grains are easy to cook and are nutritious as well. It doesn’t necessarily have to be organic (though preferred), but even eating a plant-based diet with conventionally grown food is healthier than eating organic meat, dairy, and eggs.

    It’s about finding ways to bring back the kitchen to common people and not visualizing it as a time-consumer. Learning to batch cook and making it a family activity serves many fronts. It brings the family together, they learn skills, they have healthy food, they are healthier people with thinner bodies, they learn to do thing other than sit and watch TV, etc. But to suggest that the only way is to subsidize “health food” is not proper thinking on Robbin’s part.

    In a world where we are being encouraged to be apart and not connect, on a channel where the idea is to connect and be a part of something bigger, it is my opinion that it would be far more productive to promote the idea of connecting with our family and our food, two things that are so very important to our growth and development as spiritual being in a physical body. The first thing for many people is to connect as a family and make their food a positive experience within that connection and not to promote the idea of spending more money for big companies to continue their grabbing of something so important to us, our nutrient base.

  7. heartening to know about ethical and conscientious people that come from that level of wealth

  8. It is not cheaper to eat at McDonalds or fast food restaurants especially is you have several children including yourself and spouse to feed. I shop for vegetables and fruit at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Farmers Markets, Food Co-Ops, Trader Joes and other fresh markets, Farms and farm festivals in the summer and except EBT ( food stamps). One bag of organic spinach or kale is $2.95 on average. Add a package of chicken with no nitrates in additives is about $10. One meal from a fast good place is an average of $7.95. Add that 4 times first the average number of children. And what if they want more to eat. Its just a drink, sandwich and fries, a bag of organic potatoes or frozen is about $3.99. The entire family meal was less than 20 dollars with left overs is less than 4 children. And a box in herbal tea is less than $4.00 and there is always water or eater infused with fresh fruit. All less than and more healthy than fast good. The real problem is families are way too tired to cook after work. Its easier to eat fast food on time. Families can east as soon as the parent comes home and chores can be be done and a little quality time each night with each other. What about those children who have activities during the week? More stress on eating healthy. For those who live in food deserts their are coops, uber and lift services, and buses and groups who help each it get shop as in food coops. I gave a certain about of money every two weeks and the person had a van and went to fresh markets to shop for the group and brought the food to everyone. Where there is a will there is a way. Also churches have been giving away vegetables and fruits in low income communities forever. Be more intentional and there is no easy fix if you have to work and manage a family today. This is a societal issue. Other countries respect family life and quality time makes a more productive employee…not in the United States so much. We have to make a change for a better quality of life. We need to encourage entrepreneurship in low income communities and more community food gardens in vacant land spaces even in urban areas.

  9. Respect to all those beautiful human being who really wants this world a better place .
    You are a Yogi .👍

  10. This Is NOT A Dating Site! Warning! You will see explicit photos!

  11. Wow….something I can Share and hope One day it can Change that out come but it does take more than one person to see this and go…hey I’m living in a world that doesn’t care about my health care and prescribe me all types of drugs to make sure I stay healthy and make it harder for me to make my kids eat the right foods. It’s knowledge…I say it again It’s harder to get my kids to see vegetables as the good guy and fast food as the treat but I will continue to push it in front of them till they see what it takes to grow a food they don’t like vs process a food like hotdogs that fast food chains take advantage of when it comes to eating healthy.

  12. *Day one or one day.* *You decide.*

    *If you saw this comment, I hope today will be the day one for you.* 🖤

  13. *I had to make you uncomfortable otherwise you would have never moved.*

    – *universe*

  14. *Success is a journey, not a destination; the doing is often most important then the outcome.* ✌️✌️

    Love from a small youtuber 🖤

  15. Plot twist! If you walk in the opposite direction far enough eventually you’ll come right back to it!

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