Joe Vitale – Ask Joe Anything LIVE! – The Five Questions – A New Way to Operate Your Mind

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Can five "Yes or No" questions create every single one of your beliefs systems?

Five Questions Live

Question 5:
An instant answer of Yes to question number 5 will empower you with an inborn skill that lies dormant in most people, but will be unleashed in you.

Question 4:
If at your core you can instantly answer Yes to the forth question…you will instantly transcend victim-hood into the position of being a powerful creator of your own circumstances.

Question 3:
Number three writes the permission slip to a life by design only a lucky few have ever penned for themselves. Will you pick up the pen?

Question 2:
The second question…yeah…um…most people don't have the guts to truly answer yes to the second question. It's a tough one. But if you do instantaneously and without reservation answer yes to this second question…You will be an absolute powerhouse in your own life and a shining beacon in the lives of others.

Question 1:
The core question…the one that creates the dna for all other thoughts and beliefs you have…it's mind bender…it will change your being from the inside out.

Your answer to this Yes or No question will allow you to change everything about your life…without one thing in your life changing.

And from there…anything is possible!

Five Questions Live

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