JOE DISPENZA | The Initiation Process Of Life – (Insane Knowledge Bombs!)

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Speaker: Dr Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza gives the insight into why people struggle to manifest their greatest potentials in life. He explains how we are innately divine creators, but we surrender power by complaining about, and trying to avoid the problems in our life. Problems are the opportunity, risk is the doorway!

00:00 – No School Of Ancient Wisdom Can Teach You This
01:00 – Biological Effects Of Perception
02:10 – The Only Way To Change! (STOP ASKING ON FACEBOOK!)
03:00 – Self Awareness Is HUGE Power
04:00 – Do You REALLY Create Your Reality?
05:00 – How The Greats Think To Manifest
05:50 – Stop Wanting, Learn The Formula!
06:20 – Opening The Heart To Expand Your Magnetic Field
07:10 – The Initiation Process Of Life

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  1. I loved this video content! This life is about self discovery……which is a fun, yet frustrating, experience. Thank you for the refresher course.

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