Jay Shetty – How to Be More Mindful

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How to have a healthier mind. This Mindvalley interview with Jay Shetty offers 4 tips to become more mindful.
Video Produced and Edited by T&H Inspiration

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  1. I tell you this. If it wasn’t for the fear of the Lord being in my life I would and could not have been obedient. In honor of this I will continue to have that fear in my life being wiser longsuffering but just.

  2. What up creators! It’s all about you. Your scene, your music, your friends and your ideas. Taking all of these experiences and making something truly unique.

  3. … good subject. Go listen to the Mavis Staples song, sow good seeds.

  4. This is a very good speech and I totally agree that we should always try to drag somebody else out of the water and save him from drowning as long as we don’t drown ourselves. Once you start drowning yourself, there is no other way but to save your own life, before both of you drown.

  5. I’d just do the time-tested approach and meditate – mindfulness will come quite fast as a result and with it all the benefits

  6. Brilliant speech. He’s just 33 and so enlightened. THIS is spirituality. Its absolutely non-judgmental. He mentions something important – you cannot force a person to become spiritual just like you cannot force a fruit to ripen. All you can do is help expand his/her horizons in the hope of hastening the process

  7. After learning more about this guy, it heartbreaking how much is plagiarized…

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