It’s Over.

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  1. You are about to be blessed tenfold. New love, new joy, new wealth, new health, a new you.

    • Technically, you only see the stars thanks to their light. Darkness usually doesn’t distort that. Reason you see a star is also because that light didn’t meet anything to distort it or end its journey prematurely.

    • We are all blessed to be here. Ralph, you make this planet better! Appreciate you 🤗
      One Love 💜

  2. I’m sleeping better than ever… it’s odd… I hope that anyone going through negativity that they surround themselves with love.. you are love and you are worthy of your own love first and foremost no matter what.

    • It’s too hard when my parents are the ones being manipulated and they drag me into it with them:/ I just wanna breakdown and cry away but I’m trying

    • @Alex Godoy I do understand that all too well. Can you try to distance yourself from them a little bit. You’ll need to secluded yourself and deprogram. It’s not easy and I’m not fully transformed to my new beliefs and knowings but I do see the truth and if you have to be confident about what you are learning without their support them stand strong within yourself. You are better off knowing the truth than following the lies even if you are the only one you know doing it. Stay strong.

    • @Amanda Davis thank you so much, and i have all the knowledge i need to know atm but im 16 and i cant really move out. i just feel like im at a Platue

  3. Don’t cry cause it’s over, smile always because it’s happening. We winning and we lightworkers. Love the universe and trust the process!!!

    • @Marie Mcleod one, remove fear from you, fear is the greatest enemy of man and can cause untold damage to the body, the’ again, speak yourself to good health, meditate and visualize you being completely healed, go into nature and expose your bify to sun ☀, ealthy varieties of green leafy vegetables and lots of fruits to build your body immunity, then make an elixir with turmeric, ginger, garlic and lemon, you may add cinnamon and Neem leaf to it, boil and drink, use also for steaming twice daily, you will be fine in few day,. I wish you quick recovery.
      Am at work, will give you the complete recipe and method of preparation when I get home. May universe heal you completely.

    • @Marie Mcleod I know many who had it and have it right now and most of them it is very mild. Only one had more problems and he is fine now. No fear, no mask, fresh air, soup, tea helps. May you recover soon.

  4. The ones who shows up in your darkest hour is the one you show up for in response… take nothing for granted. Judge nobody. You know not why they are that way and you can not force their eyes to open

  5. Remember…. We do not manifest what we want, we manifest who we are

  6. “When we put our differences aside and we come together as a human race, we win. Love wins. Love will win every time.”

  7. “A hero is one who knows how to hang on for one minute longer.”

    have a great week y’all

  8. “Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.”

    • The people who feel the best are also the ones who learn from everyone. If you have all the answers you live in a cornered box that tightens as you approach death. Use your intuition and creativity and you live in the moment again.

  9. “We learn by observing the world.”

    Thank you Ralph for observing and inspiring others to see good things in every thing.

    Every cloud has a silver lining.

    And sun shine always comes after the rain 🤣

    Bring an umbrella 🤣

    And don’t be afraid to get wet 🤣


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