Is this true?

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Is this true?

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  1. Well duh we are having pit freedoms taken away every single day and what about ANTIFA AND BLM violence?? Where is the outrage over that?? When the world succumbs to a one world government under totalitarian dictatorship then maybe you just might understand!

    • BLM and “Antifa” did not storm our nation’s capital and LITERALLY attack our United States government.

      So stop with the deflecting. There is NO COMPARISON, my dear. This was 100 million times worse than any BLM peaceful protest.

    • There was outrage over that. Remember when law enforcement gassed and pushed protesters just so Trump would take a picture? Or when police pushed an elderly navy veteran on the ground causing him to bleed on the sidewalk? What about when police in unmarked vans abducted protesters this summer? Thats outrage if you ask me

  2. May those suffering from the horror and sadness of the world find Avalokiteshvara within.

    💐 Goodnight everyone, sleep tight.

  3. Beautiful & PURE 🙏🏻
    Call IT OUT we must not let this opportunity to pass us. This must be rooted out NOW, visibility exposes it to light. Everyone’s attention is present. TIME FOR CHANGE

  4. well, yes but I learn that ..” all saints have a past and all others have a future ..”
    everything is ok
    we’ll grow from it too
    everyone and everywhere

    • Deepak is clearly lost in his own ego and identity, despite thinking he has the ability to teach others how to escape theirs. Very sad when you learn people are not who the pretend to be. Trump might be a deeply flawed person, but at least he only has one face. I tired of people who pretend they are pure and true, but they are anything but (left-wing activists.)

  5. No, sir: it is not true. Most Americans have signs out on their lawns if they’re wealthy enough to lobby Congress, be a part of political campaign, vote for people, etc.: legal protests. And it they’re not wealthy enough for that, they work hard and still vote to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. I actually agree with Joe Biden: this is not who we are. There are many of us who befriended indigenous tribes, then and now and befriended people of all races, then and now. I have a special needs son with 4 special needs. I’m a single dad. I work 2 jobs and still have time to research and vote. I will not eek out time for is going out into the streets, risking my life, committing crimes, etc. I have heard that the more aggressive, destructive, violent protestors don’t actually believe in their cause, that they are trained professionals highly paid to make the opposing political party look bad. I don’t know if this is true and I remain open-minded yet skeptical, as with all things that I cannot easily verify. I don’t always have the resources to perform a proper fact-checking operation. As Sadhguru says, there is a liberating power in simply saying what is true: that “I Don’t Know”. I have a practical point of view: I praise the people who have been there for me all along — my friends, family, the government, community, YouTubers, you —Deepak Chopra, Shawnette Priest who introduced me to your books, Sadhguru, Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen, Spirit Forest, May K. Hella, musicians, entertainers, artists, etc. Who I am is a son who helps his dad fight cancer and takes care of him, a father who helps his autistic son live up to his potential as a human being, an ex-husband who helps his ex-wife as a 100% platonic good friend and a man who is single, great looking and financially successful and adapting — and already happy and will remain happy no matter what.

    • You be you! Bc we need more, this not your reality thankfully, but this is happening and it does need to be addressed or it will grow as it has been and it will overtake us, it is a sobering video for me
      You sound awesome!
      I agree with all you say, I also think gurus have a platform and an obligation to balance the scales ,
      A blatant attack on our capitol is alarming, the peaceful protestors get used if the don’t see but one side, we enlightened also have to see the other side that make ppl desperate and unhappy unheard, and those who bank on it, stepping back and getting a wide vew does not require fact checking
      Common sense and civility is enough to get a good sense
      You are obviously an educated middle age white nan
      In our society it is the sweet spot, u don’t have to feel attacked , you obviously know who you are, recognizing there is a problem is just that, you are a better person for it

  6. Baghavad Gita, , Action is preferred to Inaction, —-it’s time for celebs and those with a strong voice to come out of the closet, to assist in putting an end to all this craziness.

  7. No, i don’t think this is the US in its entirety, what happened was that the shadow of the US came out and we can only try to heal it and be aware of it. Our shadow has been exposed, everyone has a shadow, and every country as well. Along with the collective unconscious shadow side. Our shadow came out to be healed and that’s what we must do. And this I learned from a documentary called the shadow effect in which deepak chopra participated. So, I think it would be more beneficial if Chopra talked about this shadow side of the US instead of this video that was uploaded 🤔 unless it’s suppose to trigger us so we can heal our own shadow regarding this 😆

    • Good lord what about antifa right now in riot gear terrorizing NYC and no work from the media? What about all the small business owners with smashed up stores and no livelihood because of antifa and b l m and no word from the media pr you deepak?

  8. Stop making this an “American” issue…this is a human issue. Pick any time in history, any race, any culture and tell me how this time is different? People have divided on this issues since forever. This is a psychological problem not an American problem.

  9. At first when I watched this video there was a part of me that DIDN’T like it because if it’s negative tone. I also don’t believe in any of us identifying with active violence as “who we really are.” But when I kept watching I understood on a deeper level – that in order to heal we need to recognize that there is a wound. In my own intuitive healing practice we dial directly into the subconscious mind and target primordial belief systems from the DNA of our ancestors…and however shameful they may be… we must first ACKNOWLEDGE those beliefs before we can command that they be sent to the light. This process is done with love and forgiveness and humility – as the desired result is not to be “proud” but instead to be FREE.

    So NO – this is not who we REALLY are. But there are parts of us (subconsciously still living in the 1800s) that need to be deconstructed and shown their spiritual truth.

    Lmk how you feel?

  10. These outcomes are the result of deep imbalance. If we were healthy n happy, this could never be. Help us get to the diagnosis do that these same populations can find common ground for the healing

  11. History is not propaganda. You can’t change what happened in the past but you can certainly learn from it, denial isn’t learning 😉, look and search in your history books is happening all over again it has always been.

  12. 7:30 of the 90 minute speech Wensday was spent thanking his followers for their nonviolence, yet you blame him? He was scheduled to speak for one hour but spoke for 1&1/2. At 9:02 CNN reported a breach of the congressional building? At 9:04 NPR reported a breach at the congressional building? The narrative was reported before the event. Insurgency not seen for 120 years? No memory of the Cavanaw hearings and the breach of the same building and Senate offices last year? Examine who you are. Thanks.

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