Is There a Pervasive Field of Energy Throughout the Universe?

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Nassim Haramein introduces us to a holistic model of the universe that unites all areas of science through a deeper understanding of the foundations of our reality. When we look to how the ancients saw their world, we may gain the missing pieces that can give us a working unified field theory of the universe.

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  1. In spirituality we call the field, the point in the Universe where life originated, and the Multiversal conciousness in general “Source” 🌎☀️🌙👽

  2. Ancient Civilizations and Extraterrestrials do know about Source and draw energy from it which is why they’re so advanced. That’s why they cut the symbol for Source in the grass at an air force base in the 80s.

  3. Refined as silver and gold his father’s REMNANT safely hidden away. I bring you an ancient race

    • What do you feel? Have you tried healing people with your hands?

  4. Is There a Pervasive Field of Energy Throughout the Universe? Yes, it’s called the force.

  5. Namaste 🙏🏾 🧘🏾‍♂️

    💰☀️I’m wishing everyone who clicked on this channel nothing but LONG LIFE & PROSPERITY☀️

  6. I’ve heard in other metaphysics videos these small particles are called: adamantine particles

  7. this information is amazing. it rates so fest that you can remember who you are.

  8. “Could we access this quantum field to solve our energy needs indefinitely?” How about we change/reduce/optimise those needs and live with what is already available? You know, look into self and revise our ways to finally grow out of locust mentality…

  9. Damn! Thanfully I took the advice of my mate and didn’t subscribe to your paid service. You are, no doubt, a pseudo-science channel!

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