Is Life About the Journey or the Destination – Critical Distinction

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Is life about the journey or the destination? In this video we'll find out whether life is about the journey or the destination:

To some degree, all people are both outcome oriented and process oriented. This means that all people are both destination and journey oriented. The question is, to what degree? Some people derive much more pleasure and energy out of achievement and some derive much more pleasure and effort out of process.

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If you want to be happy don’t do this; 4:30

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    • Hello Teal. I do not know you are by yourself answering those comments or some one else. But I like your video alot and I don’t know, are you able to subtitle with different languages that maybe others who do not speak English be able to watch your videos. Thanks

  1. You always make me think about things in a different way. I love this channel… Once again, thank you Teal Swan! I hope you can make it to Dallas someday…

  2. Wow apt timing for me 3.03 am nz time and I can’t sleep and so I’m like I need a word of wisdom and your new message pops up. Im feeling this will be just what I’m needing to hear, I better go back to listening to your message . Thank you Teal ❤️

  3. “Let yourself be both “process” oriented and “outcome” oriented. Let yourself be “journey” oriented and “destination” oriented, because after all, YOU ALREADY ARE!”

    I LOVE that! It’s so true, and I like this because it ensures that we don’t box ourselves in, thus allowing as more freedom to just live in the moment and experience the joy of either. As a Leo, I cannot be tamed so must be allowed to run free! 😛

    I’m also feeling the shorter video length as well (which is a nice change up), and also love your top Teal 🙂

    <3 X

  4. The “theme” or ” core philosophy ” of your videos consistently resonate with what is going on in my life. Been watching for 2 years, thank you so much teal! Peace and prosperity to you!!!!

    • “Pugsley, sit in the chair… so we can play a game.” — Wednesday (Addams)
      For some people its all about winning, for some its about playing the game, and still for others its about HOW you play the game.

  5. Medium in size and spirit fits me well. taking camp two with me, I plan to park permanently in camp 3, where my destination awaits me, in other words I see myself even arriving at destination I will never stop making the city of all outcomes the journey. And if at the age of 48 I Still fit comfortably in my Diesel or Philipp Plein pair of jeans between size 28 and 30, I am destined to make the journey a process destination in and out of itself, an endedness One, of self love, and Love service to others.

  6. Hey Teal! This is a much needed topic, this one today.
    i want to request this one: the balance between oneself and the world. because meaning is derived from relative experience and yet, without authenticity, none of our contributions mean anything. authenticity also means our content can be VERY TRIGGERING for most.

  7. “Its not about how you start but about how you finish and about great faith, great works, and how humble you are along the way even when you cant afford it.”

  8. I can remember years when almost everything I did was to reach an outcome and almost nothing had any joy in the process. I am thankful I can take a more sustainable approach now.

  9. First camp reminds me of child ego reaching for the cookie jar…
    Second camp reminds me of parent ego just being there come what may…
    Third camp reminds me of adult ego doing what needs to be done responsibly…

    Pitfall: cherry chapstick, its a journey a destination and a process

  10. “The Destination & The Journey”
    (Process-oriented/goal-oriented) Both have value!
    Camp 1: Things you love doing for the outcome.(Goal oriented- the goal makes the process pleasurable)
    Camp 2: Things you love doing just for doing it.(Process oriented-even if there was no end goal or if you never reached that end goal you would still do it because you enjoy the process)
    Camp 3: Things you do solely for an outcome-you do not enjoy the process at all but you greatly desire the end goal or outcome of that process)
    *Make a list by dividing the things you do into these different camps. What things within these activities could be divided further into camp 1, 2 or 3 so as to find what you do like about something that may be listed in maybe camp 3 for example. Be both process oriented and goal oriented. Both hold choices that are good for your life. Make your choices consciously. 💛🌿🏞✨🌤🌳

  11. Yet another incredibly thought provoking video Teal! And this time I feel so validated by this vid. It turns out I am good at managing to put most of what I do in life in the first two categories simultaneously, thus receiving energy from both the process and the outcome. Turns out putting your teachings in motion really did help me a lot over the course of years 😀

  12. Though destinations provide a focus in life, the journey provides the way to get there. They’re part of a continuous cycle, both are important.

  13. My attempted interpretation: There’s enjoying the present moment and there’s sacrificing the present moment for the sake of attaining better future moments. That is what every decision is based on, our objective is to find a way that our experience can both be enjoyable in the present and set us up for future good experiences.

  14. Definitely,we must stay focus on the destination and try to integrate the other camps onto the road because otherwise we can end lost in the game and waisting too much time.So,orientation first with efitiency and a bit of pleasure blending if possible to make the journey a bit more enjoyable.🥰👍

  15. I never liked the word “process” because it makes me feel like being trapped in a room full of vision-less bureaucrats who can only have lengthy meetings about ticking off boxes in a large and ever growing spreadsheet. 😉 That doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the journey though. Have a good week too Teal.

  16. I am in CAMP 4 : not interested in achieving and proccess too.
    A am like “let’s finnish up this stupid life and annoying never ending tasks and challenges, and move to some better place where i could really live. Do things i really like, not things i hate on places i don’t want to be with people i’d like avoid.

    It is like being in deep sewer

  17. You know the collective consciousness has evolved a lot when Teal is beginning to talk about stuff like this.
    Also, Teal is so beautiful.

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