Is It Vulnerability Or Baggage? | Matthew Hussey #Shorts

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It's not easy to figure your partner out when you still need to understand certain points about yourself. Not easy, but possible, enjoyable, and so gratifying. Learn how on Matthew Hussey's full talk with Vishen on Youtube here 👉

Nobody can question the power of love, but getting a lover will not remove negative thoughts, and dealing with both might be challenging. That's where Matthew Hussey comes in. The leading expert in the field of human attraction and relationship advice in the U.K. and U.S became a social media sensation because of his wisdom and advice on love life -this short video is proof of it.

His love tips turn the challenges of a relationship into an enjoyable journey of mutual evolving. Check the full talk to learn more about how to engineer space from your partner when you can’t go outside, how your relationship can be like music, the 2 Things you’ve got to do to make your relationship last during COVID-19, and if you're single, the power of lockdown loneliness and positive thinking 👉

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  1. Get even more wisdom from Matthew Hussey on love and relationship in his full talk with Vishen. You can watch it on Youtube here 👉

  2. Align yourself with who you are. Accept it, embrace it and just go with it. Things just start working from there.

  3. I really don’t know about what I am doing and what’s my situation is… 🙂

  4. If you ever are feeling lonely, just remember that there r billions of cells inside you , that literally can’t live without you

  5. *Don’t count the days, make the days count.*
    *-Muhammed Ali*

    *Let’s make this day a successful and productive one.*

  6. *One of the most fascinating lessons I learned about life is that the struggle is actually something good.*
    *-Joe Rogan*

    *If you are struggling, I believe in you my friend. Keep going…* 🙏

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