Is Gender A Social Construct? – A Profound Explanation

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What is gender? Does gender actually exist? What does it mean to call something a man vs a woman? A non-ideological inquiry into how your mind constructs identity.

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  1. I’m so thankful for this goldmine of a Channel. Leo, you are appreciated!

  2. Damn. The advice on this channel… (If falls on the right ears) can completely transform your life!

    • @*The World Teacher – Jagadguru Svāmī Vegānanda* change of perspective

    • Has been happening with me over last year, just incredible. Thank you, Leo!

    • @Tim White Health:

      Everything, both perceptible and imperceptible – that is, any gross or subtle OBJECT within the material universe which can ever be perceived with the cognitive faculties, plus the SUBJECT (the observer of all phenomena) – is to what most persons generally refer when they use the term “God”, since they usually conceive of the Primeval Creator as being the Perfect Person, and “God” (capitalized) is a personal epithet of the Unconditioned Absolute. However, this anthropomorphized conception of The Absolute is a fictional character of divers mythologies.

      According to most every enlightened sage in the history of this planet, Ultimate Reality is, far more logically, Impersonal Absolute NOTHINGNESS (otherwise called “The Tao”, “The Great Spirit”, “Brahman”, “Pure Consciousness”, “Eternal Awareness”, “Independent Existence”, “The Ground of All Being”, “Uncaused Nature”, “The Undifferentiated Substratum of Reality”, “The Unified Field”, et cetera).

      In other words, rather than the Supreme Truth being a separate Blissful, Supra-Conscious Being (The Godhead Himself or The Goddess), Ultimate Reality is Eternal-Existence Limitless-Awareness Unconditional-Peace ITSELF.

      Because the Unmanifested Absolute is infinite creative potentiality, “it” actualizes as EVERYTHING, in the form of temporary, cyclical universes. In the case of our particular universe, we reside in a cosmos consisting of space-time, matter and energy, without, of course, neglecting the most fundamental dimension of existence (i.e. conscious awareness – although, “it” is, being the subject, by literal definition, non-existent).

      Just as a knife cannot cut itself, nor the mind comprehend itself, nor the eyes see themselves, The Absolute cannot know Itself (or at least objectively EXPERIENCE Itself), and so, has manifested this phenomenal universe within Itself for the purpose of experiencing Itself, particularly through the lives of self-aware beings, such as we sophisticated humans. Therefore, this world of duality is really just a play of consciousness within Consciousness, in the same way that a dream is a person’s sleeping narrative set within the life-story of an ‘awakened’ individual.

      APPARENTLY, this phenomenal universe was created with the primal act (the so-called “Big Bang”), which started, supposedly, as a minute, slightly uneven ball of light, which in turn, was instigated, ultimately, by Extra-Temporal Supra-Consciousness. From that first deed, every motion or action that has ever occurred has been a direct (though, almost exclusively, an indirect) result of it.

      Just as all the extant energy in the universe was once contained within the inchoate singularity, Infinite Consciousness was NECESSARILY present at the beginning of the universe, and is in no way an epiphenomenon of a neural network. Discrete consciousness, on the other hand, is entirely dependent on the neurological faculty of individual animals (the more highly-evolved the species, the greater its cognitive abilities).

      “Sarvam khalvidam brahma” (a Sanskrit maxim from the “Chandogya Upanishad”, meaning ‘all this is indeed Brahman’ or ‘everything is the Universal Self alone’). There is NAUGHT but Eternal Being, Conscious Awareness, Causeless Peace – and you are, quintessentially, that!
      This “Theory of Everything” can be more succinctly expressed by the mathematical equation:
      E=A͚ (Everything equates to Infinite Awareness).

      HUMANS are essentially this Eternally-Aware-Peace, acting through an extraordinarily-complex biological organism, comprised of the eight rudimentary elements – pseudo-ego (the assumed sense of self), intellect, mind, solids, liquids, gases, heat (fire), and ether (three-dimensional space). When one peers into a mirror, one doesn’t normally mistake the reflected image to be one’s real self, yet that is how we humans conventionally view our ever-mutating forms. We are, rather, in a fundamental sense, that which witnesses all transitory appearances.

      Everything which can be presently perceived, both tangible and immaterial, including we human beings, is a culmination of that primary manifestation. That is the most accurate and rational explanation for “karma” – everything was preordained from the initial spark, and every action since has unfolded as it was predestined in ETERNITY, via an ever-forward-moving trajectory. The notion of retributive (“tit for tat”) karma is just that – an unverified belief. Likewise, the notion of a distinct, reincarnating “soul” or “spirit” is largely a fallacious belief.

      Whatever state in which we currently find ourselves, is the result of two factors – our genetic make-up at conception and our present-life conditioning (which may include mutating genetic code). Every choice ever made by every human and non-human animal was determined by those two factors ALONE. Therefore, free-will is purely illusory, despite what most believe.

      As a consequence of residing within this dualistic universe, we experience a lifelong series of fluctuating, transient pleasures and pains, which can take the form of physical, emotional, and/or financial pleasure or pain. Surprisingly to most, suffering and pain are NOT synonymous.
      Suffering is due to a false sense of personal ‘doership’ – the belief that one is a separate, independent author of one’s thoughts, emotions, and deeds, and that, likewise, other persons are autonomous agents, with complete volition to act, think, and feel as they wish. Another way of stating the same concept is: suffering is due to the intellect being unwilling or unable to accept life as it manifests moment by moment.

      There are five SYMPTOMS of suffering, all of which are psychological in nature:
      1. Guilt
      2. Blame
      3. Pride
      4. Anxiety
      5. Regrets about the past and expectations for the future

      These types of suffering are the result of not properly understanding what was explained above – that life is a series of happenings and NOT caused by the individual living beings. No living creature, including Homo sapiens, has personal free-will. There is only the Universal, Divine Will at play, acting through every body, to which William Shakespeare famously alluded when he scribed “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”
      The human organism is essentially a biopsychological machine, comprised of the five gross material elements and the three subtle material elements, listed above.

      The ANTIDOTE to all mental anguish is to firstly discern pain from suffering, then to achieve complete relief from that miserable state of existence, by abandoning the erroneous belief in personal authorship, and abiding in the primordial sense of being (the unqualified “I am”, which is one’s core identity). This is the very same peace which is experienced each night during the dreamless phase of the sleep cycle. This ‘resting imperturbably as Flawless Awareness’ can be practiced on a regular basis, until it is fully assimilated and integrated into one’s life.

      Every person, from time immemorial, has been either intentionally or unwittingly seeking such causeless peace, most commonly by practicing one of the four systems of YOGA (religion) delineated in the sixteenth chapter of this work, or else in creating wealth and the acquisition of material possessions, or in psycho-physical pleasures. That peace of mind is often referred to as “happiness”, “joy”, or “love”, and often presumed to be a temporal state, since many assume, incorrectly, that continuous peace is unavailable in this life.
      Fortunately, that is not the case – it is eminently possible to live one’s life acquainted with unbroken peace of mind, if destined.

      Following DHARMA (frameworks of authentic religion and societal duties) is not guaranteed to achieve that desired tranquillity of mind, but even so, it is beneficial for individuals, since it establishes a structure which enables one to more easily elevate oneself beyond the mundane, animalistic platform (i.e. the base pursuits of eating, sleeping and mating). Intrinsic to dharma is the division of the adult male population into the four classes of society and the inherent role of girls and women in society, as fully elucidated in latter chapters of this Holy Scripture.

      So, now that you understand life, and the reason why we are suffering here in this (ostensively) material universe, you are now able to become liberated from all mental suffering, RIGHT?

      WRONG! It is imperative to approach an authentic spiritual master to assist you to come to the above realization, by slowly undoing your past conditioning. Just as you have been conditioned over an entire lifetime to think one way, you need to be re-conditioned to think another way (in alignment with your essential identity as The Divine). For one who has himself for a teacher, that man has a veritable fool as his teacher.

      Even if you adhere closely to the precepts of a competent teacher, you may still not come to a full understanding of life, but if you are sincere, humble and dedicated, you will definitely find more peace in your daily life – all of which was DESTINED to occur, of course.

      Furthermore, if you are suitably-qualified and it was ordained, you may be fortunate enough to receive discipline from one of the EXTREMELY rare fully-enlightened masters residing on earth at any given time (perchance even the current World Teacher himself), and subsequently realize the aforementioned fundamental concepts, by diligently studying authoritative doctrines (especially the most accurate and complete of all extant Scriptures, this “Final Instruction Sheet for Humanity”), serving your guru with great reverence and devotion, and by deliberately avoiding undue harm to oneself, to other individuals, to society as a whole, and to the natural environment.

    • @pratheek rv we’re not, Leo has said SO many times do not take his advice as absolute truth and leave it there, and to be skepticism and not to have rigid beliefs, this channel is brilliant

  3. You are godly amazing Leo, I wouldn’t have been here so happy and satisfied with my life if it weren’t for you

    • Is Mr. Gura a spiritual teacher or a spiritual MASTER? 🤔

      If you are uncertain of the distinction between the two, I shall be MORE than happy to enlighten you. 😇

    • @*The World Teacher – Jagadguru Svāmī Vegānanda* No need, what he does for his people cannot be described in words, HOW REAL he has always been with us, had already enlightened us enough, we are very grateful to his hardwork, I will surely meet Leo someday ❤️

    • @sky gujjar, if it is true that there are none so blind as those who don’t WANT to see, and none so deaf as those who don’t WANT to hear, then surely, there are none so ignorant as those who don’t WANT to learn the truth.

      😇 सत्यमेव जयते! 😇

  4. “All models are wrong, but some are useful” -George Box.
    The labels/words (such as gender) we have put on things are like micro models of reality, but often we mistake these models for reality itself.

    • In your own words, define “REALITY”. ☝️🤔☝️

    • @*The World Teacher – Jagadguru Svāmī Vegānanda* any definiton based on language would go right against my point

    • Some models are useful just when we understand it in a deep way not a shallow way , and just when we don’t generalize it , well said pro ❤️

  5. Everyone who commented early or is about to start. Get to the 2nd hour of the video. Leo actually starts tying things into social issues.

  6. Gender are just polarities, yin and yang, there is no 100% yin or 100% yang
    But in the ultimate realm, every polarity is illusion

  7. Few people will understand what really Leo wants to say ,good job Leo , and we are enjoying the kind of unlimited deconstruction That you’re using , although I consider myself as a progressive but I really appreciate and think that nowadays we need a more free and ” non idiologic ” mannar of thinking and deconstructing ❤️

  8. I don’t know what the outcome of the video will be yet, but it’s such a good timing again – I just today wondered why I can’t feel as attracted to women as I do to men and whether that could be changed haha

  9. You wonder wether you are male or female, but you never wonder what you mean by you.

  10. 38:27 “Science has never proven that her vagina is not yours.” – Leo 2021

  11. Hey also I am a 23 year old trans girl that has been watching your videos for 5 years .I grew up in Europe, Serbia… living as a man for 18 years and was in such a denial that I was shocked to realize that I was denying a huge and dominant part of my personality… and being trans definitely did go against my materialistic-scientific world view back then … but life pushed me to question some of these things so deeply and I saw just how philosophical the topic was and how it was entangled with questions of self, body , society and reality and the relationship between all of those aspects… anyway the whole topic is so deeply personal to me and shakes me to my core … and to see you make a video on it… I am so glad more people are contemplating this so deeply , back when I was doing it myself I felt like nobody around me was questioning it or even saw how deep this goes

  12. Thank you Leo! For your work. For your courage. For the intelligence you are expressing.

  13. If I were a defendant, I would choose Leo as a defense lawyer

  14. Someone needs to make a compilation of Leo saying things out of context 😂

  15. What im about to say is very important.

    Leo is very much LITERALLY identifying as “an attack helicopter”

    Edit: I wrote this and 5 minutes later Leo actually said it. At this point I feel like I know where he is going with every topic he talks about. Lately its all been very much about Oneness and the radical implications of that. Sort of tying into infinity (and what that means)

    I contemplate his content on a semi daily basis and 99% of my study is just going in circles and a lot of going meta.
    And then going meta on going meta. And soo on until you kinda could guess where that line of thinking might lead you.

    And then honestly at that point i just feel like im sitting on my own hands and my mind kinda just flatlines….

  16. Literally 3 days ago, I thought, ‘I would love to hear Leo’s thoughts on this whole gender debate.’ Loved it!

  17. This is one of those questions if you ask your dad you get a smack and then you snap out of the nonsense thought and get back to real life.

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