Is College Still Valuable? | Vishen Lakhiani #Shorts

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✅What’s your take on student loan debt? Watch the full talk now and discover how Vishen Lakhiani is transforming the education system:👉

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  1. So true
    I thank mindvalley for their videos and initiatives to change things around us

  2. Hey, whoever that is listening and reading this; your days will be filled with great joy and love.❤

  3. Make it more affordable so that EVERYBODY who wants a college degree can get one.

  4. You have to fight through the worst days of your life to get to the best days of your life.

    *I hope you never ever give up. 💯*

  5. *The most important two days of your life is first when you were born and second when you find out why.*

    Have an amazing day ladies and gentlemen.

  6. Te apoyo 💙 Collage new transforming education system 💙

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