Is A Cult?

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Answering some common doubts and confusions about what teachings entail.

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    • @BULLISH BRYAN totally agree couldn’t have said it better. I don’t always agree with the things he says either. And sometimes it takes me awhile to understand the truth of what he said.

    • Why don’t you pay attention to them? What if they are saying the truth?

    • @VIOLENT ATHEIST – EVOLUTION IS A FACT Read my previous replies…

  1. Really great timing Leo, I always leave a comment explaining why is not a cult if I happen to see a big YT channel trying to sway people the other way. Only a Devil see’s evil in Truth…

  2. I was so enfuriated when I saw the videos they made insulting you. I told them they were arrogant. Your advice has had a positive impact on me.

    • @insiderperson18279 A con man is someone who lies to make money. There’s a difference. You fell for a con man. Get over it.

    • @Imposter Gaming 2.0 Again I’m not arguing that, quit deflecting

    • @insiderperson18279 How about address my original point instead of complaining about “HOW IM DEFLECTING”

    • @insiderperson18279 Also i was meant to say con man and not crank

  3. Thank you, Leo, for all this effort and work put into developing and articulating all this wisdom 🙏🏻🍀
    50:23 – That’s it. Let’s be radically honest and admit how I have been **scapegoating** onto others and onto myself. Not all egos point fingers to other egos. Some of them point to themselves. Judging is a subtle distraction.

  4. If it is, it’s not a very good one (edit: A Cult, lol)

    I’ve been watching your videos for many years. And although you’ve helped me alot, I have zero desire to give you money or my time or anything else besides a very sincere thank you. You’ve helped me so much with my anger, jealousy, insecurities and relationships

    Thank you, Leo.

  5. Thank you Leo for all of your work, time, and efforts to inform those who choose to broaden their awareness in this strange life and existence. You have helped me tremendously and i hope you continue to allow us to join this amazing journey with you!

  6. I don’t know if it’s just me but for some reason this feels like the most genuine and authentic I ve ever seen Leo. Not saying that he wasn’t before, just that this video feels particularly genuine.

    • ye seems like he popped an aderol or something for this one. not only was he a bit more articulate and thorough.. seemingly..

      but i noticed he was talking really fast as well. especially in the beginning.

    • @Tyler Francis I know right, I came to here to confirm my already held biases. I found more evidence to satisfy my ego’s conviction. Feels good.

  7. Leo,
    Thank you for your video, haven’t watched it, but I can tell you that you are a guiding light.
    You have explained so many times in multiple videos “don’t make a cult or a ideology”…. if people do it is their problem…
    Thank you once again for all your hard work you have put all these years and changing so many lives”….

  8. I did see that video of that kid calling you a cult online and he got a lot of views. I had to really try not to write a comment about it. Oh wait I couldn’t help myself and did haha. My ego got me

    • Lol you talking about deangelo ironically enough I was there the first time he posted the video and I was surprised because I have been follow this channel for a while now and its not really a cult however not everyone can see that.

    • LOL I commented too.. said something like I’m unsubbing… don’t agree with this one dangelo..

      Also, the way it was edited was 1000% to reflect what he picked up for his narration

    • I saw that video, I spent about 5 seconds watching it and a few minutes reading the comments. Decided it wasn’t good for my energy, hit the dislike and moved on

  9. Internet trolls and haters are inevitable, the only way to not receive criticism or judgment is to be silent. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if someone judged you for being quiet. Love your content and I appreciate you uploading a video on this. You have my gratitude!😃👍💯

    • @AbstractCard he’s the guy who popularized the idea of Leo being a cult leader, he took clips of Leo saying he was god thinking that it meant god in the tradition sense when that’s not what he means

    • What about Professor Dave’s video? Surely you could debunk him. Oh wait, you can’t.

    • “Wooo, the video has been out for HOURS and he hasn’t replied yet. Lol, owned.”

    • @Teajonmustard bru ikr. He thinks god as in like Naruto feeling mf or something that has ego.

  10. Even if an organization is not itself a cult, people will form their own cultlike devotion to their own ideas of such an organization.

    • Christianity and Buddism are Religions, Trumpism and Wokeism are Ideologies, Stoicism and Kants teachings are Philosophies, Jedi-Belive and The flying Spaghetti monster are Sects, Scientology is a Cult.

    • Gaslighting and indoctrinating people into a cult that is misinforming people and glorifying death is contribution?

    • You forgot to apply the “is priceless” part, silly.

      meta gaslighting is the new goth, you disenfranchised youth!

      Leo could benefit from sharpening a few unnecessarily ambiguous ambiguities that his examples show he is on the path.

      And I don’t see a cult-like intent in him (however, yes I am biased due to being physically attracted to my perception of who he is and what he looks like to me from my mommy’s basement talkin’ all this smack. (It was paragraphs and paragraphs longer, and fucking hilarious in some chapters, but when I tried to copy it to the clipboard so I didn’t lose it by pushing the wrong button, everything that was selected (which was the greatest story ever fricken told) was suddenly lost. Still… Fun times.

      Try to be good to Leo, man! Besides, he’s protected in ways and in orders that can and will surprise you. Not because Leo is a master machiavellian antichrist, but sometimes, when you’re almost close to smelling your own BS, that which is truth can seem like a conspiracy. And this will be precisely due to one’s own lack of emotional integration within the self that manifests a reality paradigm within which projection itself was no longer an infantile weaponization of something capable of infinitely better options.

      ( Am I Leo’s “Flying Monkey”?) If so, I’m down.)


  11. Leo is the most HONEST person I have ever listened to on a public platform. He has great integrity.

    • @Imposter Gaming 2.0 I am sorry but you dont know what you are talking about. You have not understood even a fraction of the real meaning when Leo says: I am God. And just one thing to add: He explicitly says that not only is he God, but also you and me and everything around us. It is impossible for something to exist and not be God/Conciousness because that is all there is. And before you now say: Oh wow Leo has really fucked you up with his ideology where is the evidence of this and so on. Understand that Science is just now beginning to uncover some of this stuff that Leo and ancient Yogis for example were talking about for ages. Research subatomic particles and Pure Energy. They have found that all matter is literally made up of the same stuff. We are made of the same stuff as Jupiter. Imagine that. But that is as far as science has gotten for now.

    • @Sandin Mujakic Thanks. That was a far more eloquent reply than mine. My ego just failed completely and lost it.

    • @Imposter Gaming 2.0 Leo doesn’t indoctrinate people. He specifically tells you to keep an open-mind, don’t dogmatize the information, the map is isn’t the territory, x and y are just concepts, don’t believe in anything you can’t validate yourself through experimentation, not to praise him, etc. Without these mechanisms we can’t be victims of ideologies in general and a cult is nothing without victims.

  12. “Mankind is not able to understand itself and it’s relationship to itself and the world. Every scientific problem, medical problem, and social problem that we have is due to a lack of clear perception of ourselves, the world, and each other.”

    Strong quote for me

    • Health problems are not caused by wrong perception of reality. Health problems are caused by harmful genetic mutations, unhealthy lifestyle, bacteria, parasites, viruses, etc…

  13. MY third eye is crusted shut because I just spent 8 hrs on TikTok 🟥🟩🟦

  14. I broadcast your videos on a 700 inch screen to my employees, dear leader.

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