Inventor of Free Energy Generator: “THEY TRIED TO KILL ME.” – Adam Trombly

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Free energy not only challenges the established laws of physics, but the power structure of the entire world, a structure explicitly based on the proliferation of non-renewable energy. Certainly, it is not much of a stretch to suggest that those looking to keep their hold on power would resort to intimidation, manipulation, even murder, to do so.

Narration: Petra Ortiz –

Scenes from Thrive Movement's Interview with Adam Trombly were used under Fair Use
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    • Do you have a channel on lbry?
      I can’t believe you haven’t been banned or shadow banned yet

    • I was unsubscribed???? Long time Sub here! Your channel inspired me to write songs, along with other channels!

    • I don’t think it matters what vpn we use the Biden administration is weaponizing social media and all the three digit agencies to spy on us. In fact I don’t think it matters who is in power they have weaponized technology to spy on us.

    • If You put bunch of those into a tours ring,run enough energy through it,and have to osculate, You would have a real life Warp Drive.

  2. free energy, like the one Tesla was trying to do until someone sabotaged it.

    • @BAN EVERYTHING! There is. Human body can actually generate electricity on its own. Idk in larger scale tho. Not every well versed in physics although I read few books and I am familiar with the theories.

      Well, ideas are impossible, until someone does it.

    • @Yana desu we built this life on impossibilities…❤❤❤ stoked and no rulez btw 😘

    • @Yana desu Look this up on YouTube. A lot of very smart people vouched for this invention but the patent was denied> Big Eureka – The New Energy Machine of Joseph Newman Overunity Device

    • How come no one in world said or knew Tesla’s name before 2007?

  3. If the microwave detector can detect loose change then I’m sure it could detect what key is pressed on a keyboard

  4. Do you have a channel on lbry?
    I can’t believe you haven’t been banned or shadow banned yet

    • Explains the Men in Black who come and threaten people and all after they witnessed certain UFOs

    • Sometimes it’s just your old plain jane. Suits are nothing but a piece of woolm

  5. This is very believable. Free energy bankrupt too many industries especially the oil industry. They are too powerful to allow free energy to ever become a real thing. Money over everything in this cruel world we live in. 😒 It’s really sad that trying to improve the quality of life for all people can be deadly.

    • Why do you think Tesla’s hotel room was stripped, hours after he died? They were watching, waiting, and prepared. Why do you think he’d been so ostracized and discredited after everything he’d invented?! Our government has been owned by corporate interests since very close to the beginning of our nation. That’s exactly why the 2nd amendment was penned in the first place

    • At least we have solar panels rn which is a source of free energy to a certain extent.

    • Agreed..let others who have the knowledge build one themselves and improve it..

    • Agreed.
      Open source is the only way new technology can be freely given to the people without an overlord ruler or rulers.

    • Agreed I want to open up a research center for these things. With updated online documents or github, and with live streaming cameras everywhere so it can’t just be shut down and swept under the rug.

  6. So the trick is to stay away from the patent office and flood the internet with the plans! Then hide in a bunker lol

  7. Why not proliferate the knowledge of making such a device to a number of people so that it would make it more difficult for any entity trying to suppress it? Not just keep it to yourself until you have to present to a large gathering of your peers who probably don’t believe in you. It doesn’t make sense to sit on knowledge purely based of the fact that you believe as the inventor that no one else can understand this invention. I do understand its hard to know who to trust but there has to come a point where you must take that risk, because clearly from what we have been presented in this video, the other inventors of similar inventions followed the same course of action.

    • If things turned out differently, We would probably be very close to having a real life Warp Drive by now. That meaning that We would have interstellar travel before the end of the 21st century instead of 600 to a thousand years from now.

  8. That was the smoothest transition to the ExpressVPN thing ever

  9. they can upload plans and drafts and patents onto the blockchain and no one can delete them.

  10. Hide your patents, copy your plans & notes, distribute them worldwide in coded locations & languages, align with a nation with less intent to colonize energy, share with them, develop relationships and move every few weeks.

    • How does one “hide a patent” and the rest of your advice is moronic.
      Stop giving advice !

    • @Moondawg369 Oh, he should have said “Hide you well documented and layed out patent applications. These are not yet approved or even sent in but as a standard for documenting new ideas they are kept available for my review or to share with others as they choose”. Hope that clears up your confusion Moondawg369

    • @Say Thankyou at least you’ll go to heaven unlike ……fill in the blanks 😂

  11. Everybody needs to check out the movie “Thrive” its free on youtube. It goes in depth of free energy and goes deeper into the rabbit hole

  12. Build it and put it into use in multiple devices before patent. Make sure your work is passed on to those you trust.

  13. It is too bad that so few, can and do, inhibit the progress of humanity.

  14. If the patents are being made secret then it is very likely that the technology is already in use – just not for the public.

  15. They don’t like it when you bang on
    about pyramids all over the globe.
    The pyramids were the natural way
    for harnessing energy.
    Tesla proved it.

  16. This channel is slowly gaining subscribers and I’m here for it! THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED!!!

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