Intuitive Hits & POSITIVE CHANGE! Full Moon in Cancer! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

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Intuitive Hits & POSITIVE CHANGE! Full Moon in Cancer! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

Weekly astrology forecast for December 28th through January 3rd, 2020

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  1. I love your forecasts, the clarity and organization, the accuracy, the whole sign houses, good job, I never miss a video!

  2. Scorpio rising hast just a few minutes ago deleted her insta account because of the new terms of service.

    • This Scorpio Rising has been thinking of doing the same all day today! 😆

  3. You rock.

    Love your videos. You really come across as so pleasant and positive. Really appreciate all you share!

  4. This Aries is setting up my own home office up because I have two tv reporters wanting to do stories on my work. I’ve been telling clients for years my fees will be increasing because I’ve basically given my services away for free.

  5. The intuitive hits and the major life changes are beyond the beyond right now! Inspiration through the roof changes all around me in my immediate world, got to stay grounded!

  6. Ok, so, this full moon is taking place exactly on mine and my husbands natal nodes (our nodes are exactly reversed, me NN in Cancer. Since June our marriage turned like a disaster movie of epic proportions. Can anyone offer up what this might mean, my nervous system can’t take much more. I know it’s got to be pretty important.

  7. Time stamps
    ♈11:22 Aries; ♉12:59 Taurus; ♊14:38 Gemini; ♋16:29 Cancer; ♌18:13 Leo; ♍20:00 Virgo; ♎22:00 Libra; ♏23:56 Scorpio; ♐25:54 Sagitarius; ♑28:04 Capricorn; ♒29:26 Aquarius; ♓30:50 Pisces;

  8. I’m a Pisces sun, Cancer moon and Capricorn rising; this full moon is relationships and my intuition. I tend to have boundary issues so my intuition is going to help me with those relationships.

  9. Happy Christmas pretty soul but I keep getting downloads regarding earth changes. Can this be a result of Uranus n Mars together in very earthy sign ???? This upcoming conjunction in Taurus feels very very strong earth shaking I would luv your feelings on this N again. Purple is your go to color just gorgeous 😘🎄🎄have a healthy happy new year pretty one keep growing this amazing channel you💟are💟loved☮️💜☮️🙏🏼

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